Sector 9 Downhill Division Lightning Slide Gloves + Palm Pucks and Travel Bag

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$84.95 USD

Over the years Sector 9 has learned from Jeff Burdro all the ins and outs of a functional and yet durable slide glove. The new Downhill Division Lightning Slide Gloves are just that!

The Lightning Slide Gloves are designed for those longboarders who don't like to rip the skin off their hands while riding their favorite hills.
The reinforced rubber fingertips help you grip your board when grabbing rail or hitting kickers, plus it will help protect your fingers every time they touch the pavement.

The Lightning slide gloves are designed with a built-in 3mm vibration foam pad to save your palms from those unexpected falls. They are designed in full leather so they'll be snug at first, but after they've been worn for a session or two they'll fit nice and broken in to your hand.
The seams have been adjusted for comfort and the all leather gloves are perforated on top with integrated flexible hard plastic knuckle protection.

The pucks for the Lightning's are less cumbersome than Driver & Boxer slide gloves due to 1/2" they shaved off the top. The Sector 9 Downhill Division Lightning Slide Gloves are one of the most comfortable, durable, and safe gloves on the market! It's the be all end all in slide glove technology!

Please use the sizing chart from Sector 9 (in the product images) to find the appropriate size for your paws.

Sector 9's Description

Perforated Leather
Gel palm pad
New DD Lightning puck
Integrated knuckle reinforcement
Secure wrist closure
Expansion gusset
Reinforced Rubber fingers
Comes with glove bag


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Fantastic gloves
on 2017-11-10
I did not have a good experience when I first purchased these gloves. The reason being the pucks. Long story short the Velcro is terrible. But!! The gloves themselves are AWESOME. I love the gel pad in the palm, I have bruised my palms with other gloves, but these have overly impressed me. The rubber finger pads have shown very little wear even though I used to finger drag a lot. The knuckle protector has worked fantastically also. In complete honesty it bugs me how much I like these gloves and will not be replacing them anytime soon. The travel bag is awesome! Though I usually just toss my gloves in my helmet, and use the bag for wheels, oil, and skate tool. It does have a small pocket on the inside that fits risers, and hardware.