Skanunu Bearing Lubricant - 1oz

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Bearing maintenance is highly recommended for all skateboards. Cleaning bearings is one thing, but it is also important to lubricate them to keep them friction free and spinning.

The Skanunu Bearing Lubricant should be used to lubricate your bearings after cleaning them. If you are cleaning your bearings, try out the Skanunu Bearing Lubricant. A cleaning and lubricated bearing is a happy bearing.

Skanunu's Description

Using Skanunu Really Wet and Slippery Bearing Cleaner & Lube
has its benefits:

It cleans all components (Shield, Inner Race, Bearings, Retainer, and Outer Race) of your ABEC rated, swiss, Biltin and ceramic bearing sets with its tough degreasing formula
It coats all the metal components with a non-corrosive protective shield to polish and repel water & dirt without harming the plastic, nylon or rubber components typically found in bearing sets.
It leaves behind a long-lasting non-drying lubricant that keeps you riding fast -- all in
a 1oz. bottle!


If You Care Enough... This Is The Stuff!
on 2021-05-09 Verified Purchase
Most riders throw out their bearings instead of cleaning, but bearings could last a LONG time if you take a few minutes to clean out with high degree alcohol, BUT DO NOT forget to relubricate your bearings for the longest smoothest ride!
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