Bones Speed Cream Bearing Lubricant

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Done cleaning those bearings? Lube up those fresh bearings with some Bones Speed Cream! With a blend of low viscosity, high speed lubricants, Bones Speed Cream allows for your precision bearings to roll faster and longer with less wear than every before! Never allow your bearings to run metal on metal. A simple drop of this into each bearing after a nice cleaning will elongate the life of your bearing and simply make you cooler!

Bones's Description

Bones® Speed Cream® is a high temperature, low viscosity synthetic skate lubricant specially formulated by Bones® to reduce friction, and provide a durable micro film of lubricant to protect against corrosion. Speed Cream R.F. makes your bearings faster and is very long lasting.


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Does the job
on 2021-09-12 Verified Purchase
I had some cheap bearings get wet and they were not spinning well. I used the oust cleaning kit and this and they spin better than they did new!
Must have!
on 2021-03-16 Verified Purchase
Simple enough: This makes you faster and makes your bearings last longer. By not skating dry bearings, Speed Cream helps reduce friction and roll smoother and faster than ever before with ease. Bones Speed Cream is extremely easy to use and a benefit for every set of bearings you have!
on 2020-09-05 Verified Purchase
Works great at keeping my bearings clean and fast. Awesome product at an awesome price.
on 2020-04-20 Verified Purchase
keeps my bearings smooth for a long time through crappy weather and all!
on 2019-12-15 Verified Purchase
Good product