MuirSkate Big "Huge" Bad Ass Sticker 18" X 5.35"

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$9.95 USD
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Tired of that boring old graphic on the bottom of your longboard or skateboard?
Has your boat sprung a leak?
Is the rear window on your car providing way too much visibility?
Does your 4 star hotel need some blackout shades to make the jump up to 5 stars?
Need some extra weight on your longboard to help maintain stability?
Got an extra $10 to spend frivolously?

This here, folks, is one big, bad ass sticker.
It measures in at 18" long and 5.35" tall and is bad ass.


Definitely big
on 2022-03-19 Verified Purchase
Big ass sticker
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Bad Ass
on 2016-12-12 Verified Purchase
My girl's car would look way better with this sticker on it. I heard it would go faster
Looks great
on 2016-03-29 Verified Purchase
Huge Sticker and looks Great
Normal image
on 2016-02-25 Verified Purchase
Sticker slap it on a college campus, check!
on 2016-02-23 Verified Purchase
Is a sticker
on 2016-02-15 Verified Purchase
A big ass sticker
Normal img 20160610 000839
on 2016-01-15 Verified Purchase
Giant sticker!!!