Sector 9 "The Apex" Slide Gloves + Palm Pucks

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Sector 9 knows what makes for a solid, functioning glove, and they have put all that knowledge into their new Apex Slide Glove. The Apex gloves are lightweight and breathable for those warm summer days and feature a terry-cloth patch to wipe that sweat off your brow. These multi-taskers also feature some grippy goodness on the fingertips to help keep your board/phone/can in your hand with less effort!


The following sizes are just a guide. Everybody's hands are different... For that reason it may be best to try these on and/or purchase them in a store nearest you. But we understand that's not always possible, so here we go:

To determine your size, measure across the width of your hand at your knuckles. If you're like Seth and your friends call you "pickle forks" 'cause your fingers are kinda long and look like forks that would probably be used to eat pickles, you may wish to move up one size. These gloves DO STRETCH and they will BREAK IN over time. (They're leather! They're supposed to...) They may be snug right off the bat, but that's much better than them being too loose!

SM/MD: 2.75 - 3.75" LG/XL: 3.75" - 4.75"

The Apex gloves seem to run a bit small. If you're on the midline, go for the LG/XL.

DISCLAIMER Due to the nature of sizing pads in general and the disposition/preferences of the rider, there may be some disagreement with the numbers listed here. That being said, we will not accept returns on protective gear (kneepads, helmets, gloves, or elbow pads) that has been "used". If you're going to test them out to see if they fit and move properly, please do so on CARPET and NOT on concrete, wood, plastic, metal, trees, rocks, griptape, sand paper, or anything else that may scratch the protective gear. You don't want to receive scratched goods, so why would anyone else?!
Sector 9's Description

You want a simple glove that'll get the job done? We got it! The Apex offers all the comfort and reliability you've come to expect from Sector 9 Slide Gloves, without breaking the bank (or breaking anything else for that matter). We put our gloves to the test on the toughest of turns, and there's nothing like hitting the sweet spot with the Apex. Now, get out there and skate!

50% Synthetic Leather
10% Polyester/ 10% Neoprene/ 15% Spandex/ 15% Other
Delrin 9 Ball Pucks
3mm Anti-vibration foam on palm
High Density Grip Print on Fingers/Thumb
Terry moisture wicking panel
Velcro Closure


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