Sector 9 2021 Shoots Full Moon Longboard Skateboard Pre-Assemble Complete

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  • Length (in): 33.5
  • Width (in): 8.7
  • Flex Level: Flexy
  • Plys: 5 Plys
  • Construction: Bamboo
  • Griptape: Clear applied by Sector 9
  • Wheelbase (in): 24.25
  • Bearings: Abec 5 Sector 9 Grease Ballse
  • Wheels: 69mm Sector 9 78a Orange Nineballs
  • Trucks: 9.0 Gullwing Sidewinders
  • Risers: .13 Muirskate Drop-Through Shock Pads
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild
$199.00 USD

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Looking for a fun longboard to carve and pump around with? Here it is!

The new 2021 Sector 9 Shoots Full Moon Longboard skateboard complete is designed to pump and carve your local streets, boardwalk or campus. It is constructed with 5 plys of Bamboo giving it a medium flex.

The 9 inch Gullwing Sidewinder trucks on this longboard feature a 'double-kingpin design, which allows the truck to lean far more than regular trucks while effectively tightening the turning radius and also giving back double the rebound you put in to your carves and pumps.

This Sector 9 Shoots Full Moon longboard offers a mild radial concave to help you lock your feet in while pumping and the 24.25" wheelbase allows this longboard to make very snappy turns.

Grab one today! You will love it.

Sector 9's Description

Sector 9 has decided to once again partner on an artistic collaboration for a Bamboo Collection with French artist, The Minimalist Wave. Following a ritual process, he obsesses over the patterns of a wave crossing the ocean, as it evolves constantly. A traditionalist artist utilizing pen and ink for his drawings, his work is an invitation to find yourself in the heart of the ocean, to get lost and to discover imaginary worlds. The simple black, minimalist illustrations provide a beautiful contrast to the natural Bamboo plies, creating decks worthy of hanging in a gallery just as much as they are riding to the beach.

Carving +

Length: 33.5”
Width: 8.7”
Wheelbase: 24.25”

9.0” Gullwing Sidewinder II Trucks
69mm Orange 78a Nineballs
ABEC 5 Greaseball Bearings
1.125” Truss Head Steel Bolts
Clear Grip

5 Ply Bamboo
Black Bamboo Inlay Stringers on Top Ply
Drop Thru
Art by The Minimalist Wave


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