Landyachtz HollowTech Stratus Standard Flex Longboard Skateboard Pre-Assembled complete

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  • Length (in): 45
  • Width (in): 9.5
  • Flex Level: Flexy
  • Plys: 6
  • Construction: HollowTech, Maple, Fiberglass
  • Griptape: Black Griptape applied by Landyachtz
  • Wheelbase (in): 27.5-29.5
  • Bearings: SpaceBalls
  • Wheels: 63mm Turquoise Easy Hawgs
  • Trucks: Bear 852 Grizzly
  • Risers: .25 Hardrisers
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild
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$329.95 USD

**PLEASE NOTE: Both, the Super and Standard flex Stratus ship from Landyachtz without grip tape on the center of the board.**

Introducing the Stratus! It's the resoundingly quintessential freestyle/ dancer!

The HollowTech Stratus longboard skateboard dancer measures in at 45” long and has two symmetrical 4” long kicktails. It is 9.25” at its widest poing and offers wheelbase options from 27.5" - 29.5". The Hollowtech is unique in that its total construction weighs a meager 3.8 lbs, which is considerably lighter than most. It features a symmetrical standing platform with slightly concaved kicktails. It offers wheel flares for added foot traction. The Fiberglass/Epoxy construction provide a strong profile sturdy enough to handle a lot of abuse from impact. Lastly, bare center makes cross-stepping and pirouettes a breeze.

The Stratus Standard Flex Longboard Skateboard Pre-assembler is configured with Bear 852 Grizzly'z and 63mm Turquoise Easy Sliders!


Great quality
on 2021-01-27 Verified Purchase
Feels nice, looks great! Love it~