Loaded Dervish "Sama" Pre-Assembled Longboard Skateboard Complete

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  • Length (in): 42.75
  • Width (in): 9
  • Wheelbase (in): 31.5
  • Concave Style: Camber, Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild
  • Plys: Vertically Laminated Bamboo
  • Construction: Bamboo, Fiberblass
  • Flex Level: Medium-Flex: Flex 2: 100-185lbs+/45-84kg+
  • Griptape: Mulit-Grit Black; Applied by Manufacturer
  • Trucks: 180mm Paris V2 - Black 50°
  • Wheels: 75mm Orangatang InHeat - Orange 80a
  • Bearings: MuirSkate Beasto Built-In's
  • Riser: 0.06" Loaded Drop-Thru Shock Pads
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$320.95 USD

Originally designed to be the most efficient and fun cruising and carving machine, the Loaded Dervish "Sama" now features nose and tail kicks along with an additional flex pattern for riders who prefer to fine-tune their setup to their liking.

The board is 42.75" long and 9" wide with a 31.5" wheelbase. Its bamboo construction and cambered profile gives you one of the most fun and "pump-able" boards on the market.

180mm Paris V2 Trucks give this board even more pumping power! Dive into your turns and these trucks will spring you back out of your turn, ready for the next. Not only are they great for carving and cruising, but throw in a more stable set of bushings and this board becomes a very fun freeride board!

75mm Orangatang InHeats are a soft downhill/cruiser wheel meant to be smooth rolling, extremely grippy, and to have perfect rebound out of slides.

Held together with MuirSkate Panhead bolts, 0.06" Loaded Drop-Thru Strips, and MuirSkate Beasto Built-In Bearings.

You can't go wrong with a MuirSkate Pre-Assembled Complete!

Loaded's Description

Length: 42.8" / 109 cm
Width: 9" / 22.9 cm
Wheelbase: 31.5" / 80 cm
Weight: deck only: 3.0 - 3.6 lbs / 1.4 - 1.6 kg
complete: 7.0 - 7.6 lbs / 3.2 - 3.4 kg

In 2007, the Dervish was our first venture into dropthrough construction and an opportunity to create a flexy, bamboo composite carver with the versatility to handle a variety of riding styles. Five years later, we’ve revisited this flagship board with new performance aspirations in mind.

With a slightly wider platform than its predecessor, the Dervish Sama balances comfort, edge control, and responsiveness. Combined with a more pronounced concave profile, the extra width enhances turn initiation and slide control. We added subtle nose and tail kicks to increase pop and lock your feet in for freestyle tricks. The neck and dropthrough cutout were also updated for increased durability under hard riding. A six-piece griptape pattern provides enhanced control at the kicks and facilitates comfortable footwork maneuvers on the standing platform without interfering with the board’s flex pattern.

Using sophisticated (for us) design software and curvature calculations, we extensively tested various different widths and subtle changes to the deck shape. We then collectively decided that this new 9” wide shape (the old Dervish was 8.5” with a different neck curvature) provided a satisfactory balance of comfort, edge control, and responsiveness.

The Dervish Sama also received a more pronounced concave profile, which is further augmented by the increased deck width. The result is improved edge feel for turn initiation and extra control while sliding.

Nose & Tail Kicks
To keep up with the current caliber of freestyle riding, we gave the Dervish the most tasteful of nosejobs. After testing several new shapes and sizes, we lengthened the tips for additional leverage, widened the neck to increase durability and ensure a consistent flex pattern through the entire deck, and added subtle kicks to increase pop and to lock your feet in. The kicks are reinforced with an extra layer of fiberglass for added stiffness and durability.

A six-piece symmetrical griptape pattern was designed with performance and elegance in mind. The two sections at the kicks use an aggressive, rougher-grit grip to provide enhanced control and security for manuals and freestyle tricks. The four middle sections use a milder, finer-grit grip (comparable to street skate grip) to facilitate dancing and footwork maneuvers. The segmented design yields functional coverage without interfering with the boards flex pattern.

The Dervish Sama’s versatility lends it to many disciplines, but at its heart lies a deeply rooted passion for carving. The cambered platform and weight-tailored flex pattern work together synergistically to provide a lively, flowing ride. Press your weight into a turn to preload the deck’s curvature; unweight as you finish the carve and feel the board snap back with positive energy return.

Epoxy and Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich a vert-lam Bamboo core, pressed into concave and convex cambers for liveliness, responsiveness and high energy potential.
DropThru cutouts are CNC milled for precision.

Flex 1: 170-250+lbs / 75-114+kg
Flex 2: 100-185+lbs / 45-84+kg
Flex 3: 75-150+lbs / 35-68+kg

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Keep in mind that a softer flex pattern will give you more control and tighter turns at slower speeds and make it easier to slide, but tends to lose stability slightly at higher speeds. Stiffer flex means more energy potential, more stability at higher speeds, and makes air moves easier, but will not be as forgiving and lively when cruising.


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