TSG Pass Full Face Helmet -MATTE BLACK Plus bonus clear visor

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The new TSG Pass is an ergonomic full-face helmet. Designed with aerodynamics and rider comfort in mind, it has a wide viewing area, the construction is featherlight, there are breathable vent ports, and it has a natural feel while tucking. If your goal is to go fast down your favorite runs, you want this helmet.


The following sizes are just a guide. Not all heads are the same shape and size... For that reason, it may be best to try these on and/or purchase them in a store nearest you. But we understand that's not always possible, so here we go:

To determine your size, measure around your head slightly above your eyes and around the occipital bun to find the circumference.


- 54-56 cm / 21.3-22 in (head circum.)

- 56-58 cm / 22-22.8 in (head circum.)

- 58-60 cm / 22.8-23.6 in (head circum.)

- 60-61 cm / 23.6-24 in (head circum.)

TSG's Description

Developed and engineered in conjunction with three-time world downhill skateboard champion and product designer Martin Siegrist, the new Pass longboard helmet is the last word in performance. The compact shell and its aerodynamic design allow for an unrestrained speed rush, while its CE certified construction let's you cut loose with confidence. The spherical curved visor with scratch-proof, anti-fog coating guarantees optimal peripheral vision. Nose vent ports together with a revolutionary exhalation fogging blocker above the mouth pushes exhaled breath down and out of the helmet, thereby supporting the anti-fogging design.


Love It
on 2021-03-06 Verified Purchase
All my friends envied me, cuz TSG Pass sold out globally...
on 2020-12-09 Verified Purchase
싸고 좋은제품 잘샀습니다
Great Helmet
on 2020-09-14 Verified Purchase
Went out for a 20 mile ride this weekend. No downsides at all to this helmet. Comfortable and once I got moving not hot at all. Never an issue with fogging.
Fast Shipping + Great Packaging!
on 2020-06-01 Verified Purchase
Got my TSG Pass and quality is superb, you may wanna get 1 size large from your normal but luckily i got a small head. Everything is carefully packaged!
Sick looking helmet, 10/10 field of view
on 2020-04-13 Verified Purchase
I did a ton of research before landing on TSG pass helmet. It looks cool as shit, I feel like master chief. Super lightweight and you don't see the helmet at all while you're wearing it. I've broken my elbow, wrist, and collarbone while longboarding and never wore a helmet, its a miracle I never hit my head. Time to smarten up and get some protective gear.
Awesome service
on 2019-03-26 Verified Purchase
Loving my new tsg pass, Muir skate had it sent out the same day I ordered, not to mention I had messed up my area code in first order, contacted Scott and he had my shipping label corrected within minutes! Definitely will be ordering from Muir again!
Really Cool Helmet
on 2018-12-30 Verified Purchase
I like this helmet a lot. It's true in forums online that you should go up a size to get the right sized helmet. Other then that, it's a nice helmet for keeping the cold wind out of your face during winter. You should definitely buy this helmet.
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Fantastic helmet!
on 2017-09-04 Verified Purchase
I come from a background of motorcycle riding that has given me more than 10 years of experience with helmets. My only gripe is.... that I can't solidly base any gripes on this helmet. It does exactly everything you would need a full face helmet to do. I can NOT see the top of my helmet no mater how hard I try, has wide peripherals, and that is my favorite feature of this helmet. When you are attacking a hill with this helmet, all of the air flow can be felt. I was actually very surprised with it. The fitment for me is great. Because of the raised peripheral of this helmet it also eliminates a place that I have had issues with, in regards to pressure points, due to having a bit of a longer head. As always, when it comes to helmets, try one on before you buy it, wether it's in a store, or at a friends because he has one.