Zenit Vapor Longboard Skateboard Deck W/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 34
  • Width (in): 9
  • Wheelbase: 17-18"
  • Flex Level: Medium
  • Plys: 5 Plys of Canadia Maple, 2 Sheets of fiberglass
  • Construction: Canadian Maple, Triaxial Fiberglass
  • Griptape: Clear applied by Muirskate
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild to Medium
$119.95 USD
Deck Only. Click on "Make it a complete setup" below.
Make it a Complete Skateboard

Introducing Zenit's new cruiser skateboard decks!

The Zenit Vapor skateboard deck measures 34" long, 9" wide and has a 17-18" wheelbase. This skateboard deck is perfect for hitting the streets or have fun at your local skatepark. We like to take ours to the local deli or meet-up at the beach!

It is constructed with 5 plies of Canadian Maple, sandwiched in two layers of triaxial fiberglass and offers a mild flex.

Set this up with 149mm Paris trucks and 65mm Orangatang Fat Free Wheels and Beasto bearings.

For a more surfy feel, we suggest setting this up with 165mm RKP Paris Trucks, 65mm Orangatang Fat Free wheels and Beasto bearings.

Zenit's Description

Surf the concrete!
The Vapor and the Wave are our most recent cruisers. They are both pressed in the Morning Wood’s mold which gives them the characteristics we love of a traditional skateboard mixed with a longboard.

The Vapor is short and light but still large; making it an agile and comfy cruiser to carry everywhere. It has a surf-inspired shape with a pointy nose and a cool boxy tail! The kicks are bigger than on the Wave; making it a fun shredder with more space to pop your tricks.

Light construction: 5 plies of canadian maple with two sheets of triaxial fiberglass for long-lasting pop, bonded with high-strength epoxy. It has dampening flex, which makes the board spring into the air when you pop ollies, kickflips and etc. It will feel fresh for a very long time.

The graphic is silkscreened on a pale lacquered maple ply to give the deck a natural and clean look. On top, the turquoise tint is inside the epoxy we use to press the deck so it won’t fade over time.

Weight: 2.9 lb

Cruise : 9 / 10

Tricks: 9 /10

Shred : 8 / 10


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