Loaded Omakase Longboard Skateboard Deck w/Grip

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  • Length (in): 33.5"
  • Width (in): 10"
  • Wheelbase: 20.75-22”
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Plys: 3 Plys Bamboo
  • Construction: Bamboo, Fiberglass
  • Griptape: Black applied by Loaded
  • Concave Style: Radial, Rocker
  • Concave Depth: Mild
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$132.00 USD
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The Loaded Omakase longboard skateboard deck has arrived at Muirskate.com!

This longboard deck is 33.5" long and 10" wide to give you a nice wide stable platform and more foot contact with your board to practice your favorite tricks. It offers a nose, a wide kicktail and mellow wheel flares that allow you to ride the board with a bigger wheel without compromising wheelbite.

The mellow concave and rocker on the Loaded Omakase is just enough to give you that extra leverage you want for toeside slides.

You have two graphics to choose from, Palm and Roe. Pick one up today and go skate!

Set the Loaded Omakase longboard skateboard complete with 180mm Paris V3 50 RKP trucks, 75mm Orangatang In-Heat wheels and Beasto bearings.

If you are looking for more of a traditional feel, set it up with 169mm TKP Paris trucks, 70mm Orangatang Stimulus wheels and Beasto bearings.

Loaded's Description

In matters of taste and experience, deferring to another's curation can be a radical act of choice. Originally designed around the Unlimited e-skate system, the Omakase stands on its own as a highly user-friendly analog board. Short, wide, stable, and nimble, the Omakase is a palate-pleasing performer for cruising, commuting, freeride, and freestyle longboarding alike.

Length: 33.5” / 85.1 cm
Width: 10” / 25.4 cm
Wheelbase: 20.75-22” / 52.7-55.8 cm
Profile: rocker
Weight (deck only): 4.0 lbs / 1.8 kg

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN – The Omakase’s generous width maintains a solid and stable feel even on such a compact deck length. A hefty kicktail generates pop, leverage, and control for freestyle tricks and surfy maneuvers. Mild griptape provides cruising comfort and trick execution. Two wheelbase options allow for customized board handling and accommodate standard and reverse-kingpin trucks.

CURVACEOUS CONFIDENCE – Rocker profile and mild concave ensure a comfortable and confidence-inspiring stance. Subtle wheel well flares increase wheel clearance and create ergonomic reference points for your feet.

STIFF, LIGHT, AND DURABLE – A three-layer bamboo core is sandwiched between fiberglass/epoxy layers for lightweight strength. The Roe graphic features a rosewood bottom veneer, while the Palm graphic sports a black walnut bottom veneer.

Starting with the Omakase, we’ve begun expanding to new manufacturing resources to bring you a broader array of awesome skateboard experiences while maintaining the Loaded quality commitment.

GRAPHICS – Top surface design is laser etched into the top bamboo veneer. Available in two graphics: Palm and Roe (the Canyon graphic is exclusive to the Unlimited Omakase Solo Complete).


Good times
on 2019-09-28 Verified Purchase
Setup with Paris v3's and some 65mm Orangatang Fat Free's, this board is fun all day long. It rips through neighborhoods at speed, is very surfy with RKP trucks, slashes side-hit driveways, and has just enough wheelbase to let you choose to carve or lay it out sideways. A bit on the expensive side is my only complaint but, well, it's a Loaded so what do you expect?