Zenit Morning Wood V2 Longboard Skateboard Deck w /Grip

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  • Length (in): 34"
  • Width (in): 9.1"
  • Wheelbase: 16.25"-18.75"
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Plys: 5 Plys of Canadia Maple, 2 sheets of fiberglass
  • Construction: Canadian Maple, Triaxial Fiberglass
  • Griptape: Black applied by MuirSkate
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild to Medium
  • To Sum It Up: All around fun!
$113.00 USD
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Make it a Complete Skateboard

The Zenit Morning Wood V2 longboard skateboard deck was designed with shredding in mind. It is constructed with 5 plys of Canadian Maple and 2 sheets of triaxial fiberglass. It offers generous wheel wells that allow you to ride your trucks loose so you can pump around a bowl at your local skatepark. The multiple wheelbase options give you the option to set it up for both park and fast freeride.

Set the 2019 Zenit Morning Wood V2 with 169mm Independent trucks, 59mm Powell Peralta G-Slides wheels and Beasto bearings. If you would like to fast freeride on this deck put some 165mm Arsenal trucks and 66mm Powell Peralta Snakes wheels.

Zenit's Description

The Morning Wood is the ideal everyday board. Essentially a stretched-out street deck, this deck is more stable at speed and has features shared from our downhill lineup, mixing the best of both street skating and downhill.

Going for a skatepark setup? Use the shortest wheelbase to get a nimble feel. You want to do some big slides? Go for the longest wheelbase with some RKPs trucks. The numerous truck mounting options allow you to get technical.

The wheel wells allow you to ride loose and fit your favourite freeride wheels for some high speed action.

Pressed in our TEK mold, the board features asymmetrical concave with a directional shape. Inspired by the 80’s, the aggressive curves and ergonomic shape are combined to give more concave at the front end of the board, compared to your back foot where you need more space and ease of movement.
For 2018, our main focus was to make the board more skateable for street. Lighter construction: 5 plies of canadian maple with two sheets of triaxial fiberglass for long-lasting pop, bonded with high-strength epoxy.

It has dampening flex, which makes the board spring into the air when you pop ollies, kickflips and etc.

The Morning Wood will feel fresh for a long time.

The Morning Wood weighs 3.0lbs and is suited for people up to 300lbs.

Local Montreal Artist LeBicar designed the graphic for the board: it showcases the lovely skyline of the city with famous landmarks.

Screen-printed on maple, all natural.


Fantastic hybrid board
on 2019-05-24
I've been ridding this board for a month now its impressed me in almost every way. I normally ride mellow/flat concave, so this feels real steep. I actually think steep concave works best on this type of deck, because you don't want to use gnarly grip, so the concave has to hold onto your foot. They don't call this thing the morning wood without a reason. Its super stiff, on par or stiffer than my sanctum chooma, which has two plies of aluminium and two plies of carbon fiber. If you are going to run harder/smaller wheels you should put soft risers on. I have 56mm g-slides on mine and it was a super rough ride without the risers. With my 66mm snakes it was fine, but I needed the clearance to stop wheel bite. Its super thin and light, it almost feels fake. The wheel wells are super shallow because there isn't enough wood to mill any away without sacrificing strength. You probably wont fit >60mm wheels on tkps without risers. The taper is great for freeride because it gives you easy access to the rails with your back foot. The kicks are great, a ton of pop and nicely shaped for standup slides. I'm stoked muir is carrying them now, as having to pay for shipping from Europe made them super expensive TLDR: This this is amazing. Its construction makes my other boards look ancient. I don't think you could do any better with a shorter double kick.