Earthwing The Amazon 37 Team Longboard Skateboard Deck

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  • Length (in): 37
  • Width (in): 10
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Wheelbase: 20.5-24"
  • Plys: 7 Ply
  • Construction: Maple
  • Griptape: Black applied by MuirSkate
  • Concave Style: Radial, Rocker, W
  • Concave Depth: Medium
  • Flex Level: Stiff
$89.95 USD

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Make it a Complete Skateboard

Muirskate and Earthwing Skateboards has teamed-up with artist Eddie Kihm once again to offer yet another surprising graphic design "The Amazon"! Eddie Kihm designed The Muirderer on the our favorite Earthwing Team 37 mold, which has become a best seller at We chose reissue this shape with The Amazon graphic because skaters can't stop talking about the shape, and we love riding it too!

Earthwing Skateoboards creator Brian Petrie has a natural ability to design exquisite skateboard shapes! Constructing functional skateboards for serious skateboarders is a craft well executed by Brian at Earthwing. The OG Team 37 mold has all the curves that a serious skater expects in a skateboard shape. The Amazon is a Double-Kick skateboard with a proper kicktail for kick-flips and ollies! The Amazon has a generous "W" Concave platform with wheelbase options ranging from 20.5" to 24"! The longest wheelbase option is stretched out to 24"allowing you to adapt to all sorts of riding demands. Adjust the wheelbase back to 20.5", and then you have a deck that is excellent for transition, street, and technical sliding. The Amazon features a medium to deep concave in a platform that is designed to lock in the rider, not to mention pronounced wheelflares that hug your toes! Everything imagined in a top-mount double-kick skateboard is packed into The Amazon!

Like any piece of art work, the creator tells his or someone else's story! A skateboard deck is the perfect canvas for telling ours since we are a skateboarding company. The Amazon is our reminder that we must Grip or "RIP". You can extrapolate the from the graphic design that we have a story to tell. Muirskate is back and in command of its destiny!

The Amazon is the first of the many skateboards in the Muirskate 3.0 "Resurrection Series"! There is more to come!! Stay tuned!

There are a plethora of great setup options for The Amazon.

We've chosen a couple that we would like to share:

A preferred freeride setup would include 184mm Caliber 50 Degree Longboard Skateboard Trucks, 70mm Blood Orange Morgan Freeride Skateboard Wheels or 69mm Powell Snakes with Muirskate Beasto Bearings!

A preferred transition, street, or ally shredder would include 169mm Paris Street Trucks and 60mm-65mm ABEC 11 NOSKOOLZ wheels with Muirskate Beasto Bearings.

Earthwing's Description

The Amazon is blended well, both literally, and functionally. There is a total of 3/8” rocker between the bolts, with a 1/8” "W" in the center. The blend between the two, basically give you that rocker where your stance is, and where you need it, and the W sort of just levels out the center to being linear so it doesn’t feel like a big hump underfoot. The fenders are blended into the concave over a distance so it’s not an abrupt annoying change. Between the fenders and deep wheel wells, you can fit a 65mm wheel on Indy’s with little to no riser depending on bushings, weight etc...the deck itself as a whole has a blend of everything Earthwing has been about, and that has been about everything. It just about the most versatile deck I can imagine. If you don’t know what terrain you will end up at, this deck is a good bet to get the most out of everything, everywhere, anytime, all the time. Thank you so much for your support, it means more than you think. If The Amazon graphic is not suitable to your taste, see our Earthwing X Muirskate "Muirderer, The Fallen"! It's the same shape, with a different design by Eddie Kihm! Both are available exclusively at


My First Longboard
on 2020-06-08 Verified Purchase
After skateboarding for several years and being overwhelmed by all the longboard options, I decided to get the Amazon by Earthwing. I had tried many of my friends/family's longboards which included a Rally Cat by Land Yacht's, a Loaded Dervish Sama, Loaded Tan Tien and a few others. All of those boards were super fun to ride, but nothing felt like skateboarding. I missed the control of having a kick-tail on a skateboard, but I wanted to have all the speed and the smoothness of a longboard. I went to r/longboarding and saw a fellow rider who was riding an Earthwing and asked how they liked it, they recommended it and that was enough for me. My board setup is: -180mm Paris V3 50 trucks -70mm Orangatang Stimulus Wheels -Zealous Built-In Bearings -Rear Truck setup - 93a Venom HPF Double Barrel on boardside 90a Venom HPF Double Barrel on the roadside -Front Truck setup - 90a Venom HPF Double Barrel on the roadside 90a Venom HPF Double Barrel on the roadside The board is very stiff and rigid and perfect for my ride style. It will fly over anything that I throw at it. I've hit some big hills and I've never felt a wobble. The board width is comfortable and wide and locks your feet in with the middle with a subtle W-concave. The kicktail is nice and wide and can easily pop ollies, 180's, pop-shuv its, etc. The nose even has a little lip where you can push some nose manuals and some nollie shuvs. Even though the board is quite heavy, you can get the board to do what you want. I have a blast every time I take it for a ride. 10/10 for me.
New favorite all-rounder
on 2020-01-16 Verified Purchase
This board is my everyday since I got it. The length and kicktail make it a great cruiser, and the concave/stiffness enable it to be an awesome fast freeride board. Wheel wells do their job on freeride wheel setups. For the price you honestly cant ask for a better board, very happy with my purchase. Plus the graphic is sick.
Great board design
on 2019-12-13 Verified Purchase
and wonderful shipping packaging fast delivery too.
on 2019-10-28 Verified Purchase
Cool graphics! Professionally applied grip tape! Shipped fast!
Very good thing
on 2019-04-19 Verified Purchase
This board is very suitable for me. I'm not a very young and not very lightweight rider. I use it for pumping (not LDP). Maybe it's not designed for this purpose, but for me it has a very suitable shape. I have setuped Amazon with 165 Arsenal cast truck and Orangatang In-Heat 80a wheels. Of course, this requires a specific set of bushings and washers. And thank you for the service.
on 2019-04-06 Verified Purchase
Great deck. Great service.
on 2019-01-05 Verified Purchase
This thing is awesome. I moved from a drop thru board to this, and it blows my old one out of the water. I have it set up with cast Arsenal trucks, Zealous bearings, and sector 9 race formulas. It has waaaaay more grip on the road than my old deck and I really like the concave and rocker. The kicktail opens up a whole new world of things to do and I like the ability to change wheelbases. The graphic is awesome as well. My only dislike was that the griptape got worn out really quickly, but that has nothing to do with the deck itself.