Pantheon 7 Ply Trip Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 33
  • Width (in): 9.25
  • Flex Level: Medium
  • Wheelbase: 27.25
  • Plys: 7 Plys
  • Construction: Maple, Epoxy, 2 Layers Triaxial Fiberglass
  • Griptape: Black applied by MuirSkate
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild
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Make it a Complete Skateboard

The Pantheon Trip is a great board for Long Distance Pushers/Commuters. This board is small and light so it's extremely easy to push and carry around. It features a double drop which gets the standing platform really low to the ground. This makes pushing and foot braking a lot easier with your center of gravity being lower giving you more stability.

Measuring in at 33" long, you'll have the nimbleness of a mini-cruiser, but the stability and ease of a double drop. The open end of the drop through cut-outs allow you to easily slide your trucks into place without taking off the hanger, as well as allowing you to tow your board like a rolling suitcase.

All in all, if you're looking for a board that you can push around on, this is the board for you!

Set it up with 169mm Paris Trucks, 80mm Orangatang Kegel wheels and Beasto bearings.

The new Paris V3 165mm RKP longboard trucks work great as well on this set-up without compromising wheel-bite.

Pantheon's Description

The Trip is back! Our most popular commuter / long distance skateboard to date took a one-year soul searching sebbatical in 2017. It comes back stronger and more refined than ever. We have been testing this board for almost a full year in various forms, attempting to make the board here in Denver ourselves but could not manage the radical curves without cracking the wood. Was it dry Denver or something else? Nevertheless, we rode our cracked prototypes through the sunset and into the dark of night, searching for a way to make this feeling something that everyone could enjoy. Well, we finally found a way to make it happen, and we’re pleased to present this beautiful skateboard in all its glory, molded to perfection.

What has changed:
· Deeper Drop! – We increased the drop to a full 1.3 inches. This gets you lower than ever for easier pushing and commuting
· Better Lamination! – Mold improvements and epoxy lamination make this deck more durable than ever.
· Ergonomic Improvements! – A dedicated mold for this board meant we designed the curves specifically for this shape and your feet.
· Aesthetic Improvements! – Stained wood veneer and laser cut griptape really make the Trip pop on the street.
· 8-ply Standard! – Reduced concave makes the Trip a perfect do-it-all with 8 plys of Canadian maple!

The 2018 Trip is functionally very similar to its original design with improvements in every way possible. We pressed the decks with epoxy to further preserve the wood and increase its life. We skated a hand-cut model with no clear coat to see if we could make it warp or deteriorate in the weather. It’s still straight and looks like crud, if anyone wants it! The glue lines are tighter than ever, showing significant improvements that have been made to the mold, which add to its strength and resilience. We reduced the concave in the body of the board and gave the platform the tiniest bit of camber to “load” the wood, making it feel more lively and energetic commute. We increased the width by 1/4″ to 9.25″ at the widest to really perfect the setups we are recommending for the deck. The wider width and increased prominence of the drop platform really makes this deck perform when riding slideways down hills and around corners. More width means more leverage, and since the wheels were sticking out that far anyway, it was the move!


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Girlfriend approved
on 2020-07-02
My girl isn't too much on skating, but when she goes for a push with me she always reaches for the Trip. 165mm Paris 50s coupled with 75a SpeedVents make for a perfect rail match. I love the tiny bit of flex (I have the red sun) and the compact platform. This is a blast to pump/push around, and just as fun to bomb hills, without even changing bushings or wheels.
Dream pusher
on 2020-06-28 Verified Purchase
This thing is so light and nimble, yet plenty stable at reasonable speeds above 15mph+. I've never pushed on a double drop, but I can confirm that it 100% makes foot braking a breeze and I have to push with less force than my other boards for the same speed. Carving is super fun and the board feels alive even for being so close to the ground. You might hit the bottom of the deck on a curb if you aren't going fast enough, but that's a worthy tradeoff for the ease of pushing and balance. Set it up with 50/150mm Paris V3's, 85mm Speed Vents, and Orangatang Nipple bushings according to your weight in order to have the most optimized and purposed setup for this deck.
on 2020-02-06
I tried the Trip (8-ply, no longer available) after years on Comet single kick downhill boards and bigger double kicks. All I can say is, once you ride the Trip for cruising around, pushing, surfing driveways, and mellow freeride, you will forget about your other boards. Kicking out speed checks is so easy, the flex smooths out the ride, and you won't be able to resist pushing up hills. Set it up like Pantheon suggests (Paris 150 RKPs and Speed Vents) and you will push for miles and cruise around with a smile.
Pantheon Trip
on 2019-08-02 Verified Purchase
I'm more used to standard top mounts, but I wanted something a little more stable for an old guy skater, I'm 56, for my version of freeriding. This board breaks into slides with ease and provides confidence to someone whose main goal is avoid hitting the ground.