Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai Pintail Longboard Skateboard Deck

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  • Length (in): 42"
  • Width (in): 9.3"
  • Flex Level: Mild
  • Wheelbase: 28.75"
  • Plys: 5 Ply
  • Construction: 3 Plys Bamboo, 2 Plys Maple
  • Griptape: Clear Grip tape Applied by Sector 9
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild
  • To Sum It Up: Skate like you Surf, Surf like you Skate!
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The Sector 9 Eclipse Bonsai Pintail Longboard deck was designed with carving and cruising in mind. Pintails are great for commuting around town and having fun on the boardwalk. This longboard pintail is 42" long and 9.3" wide which will allow you to walk all over it and surf-skate your local spots. It has a 28.75" wheelbase which makes the board stable and friendly to skate for all levels of skateboarding. The Eclipse Bonsai Pintail is constructed with a perfect combination of 3 Plys of Bamboo and 2 Plys of Canadian Maple and offers a mild concave for comfort.

If you want to skate a classic pintail, this is the one you want! Grab yours today.

We suggest using Paris 180mm longboard trucks, 70mm Orangatang 4President wheels and Beasto Bearings.

Sector 9's Description

At 42” in length, the Bonsai is the second longest board in the entire Sector 9 lineup, this season, after the 25 Year OG Pin. Drawing on our traditional heritage of pintails, this skateboard doesn’t care if you’re 6 years old or 60 – either way it’s going to show you a good time and keep you wanting to come back for more. Hopefully, it can transport you to the right-hand point artist Erik Abel has put on the bottom!

3 Ply Bamboo
2 Ply Maple
Hybrid Construction
Classic pintail shape

Length: 42.0”
Width: 9.3”
Wheelbase: 28.75”

Riding Style:


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