2018 Landyachtz Gordito Pop Tart Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 35"
  • Width (in): 10"
  • Flex Level: Medium Stiff
  • Wheelbase: 17.5"
  • Plys: 7 Plys
  • Construction: Canadian Maple
  • Griptape: Black Applied by Landyachtz
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Medium to Aggressive
  • To Sum It Up: Getting hungry to shred?!
$64.95 USD
Deck Only. Click on "Make it a complete setup" below.
Make it a Complete Skateboard

If you were looking for an alternative in price to the Landyachtz Hollowtech Sidewalker, the Gordito Longboard Skateboard Deck would be for you! The deck comes in at a third the cost and has all the feature of the Sidewalker other than the hollow core. We would shred this board in all sorts of situations. It's great for the pool! It has wider profile making it feel like a retro deck! The medium to aggressive concave is ideal for carving the park or jetting down an ally in your local hood. We forgot to mention that with the proper setup, you can shred this board on any freeride hill! Your friends will be stoked you did! Measuring in at 35" long and 10" wide with a 17.5" wheelbase, this deck is a beast of a ride!

We like this board with 852 Bear Grizzly Trucks and 70mm Boss Hawgs! This is the setup!!

Landyachtz's Description

Big and turny. Sometimes a regular sized skateboard is just too small for the type of shredding you want to do, that’s where the Gordito comes in.

“Out for a rip last weekend on the Gordito, the maneuverability of a board this big blew my mind” said everybody out for a rip last weekend. If you’re looking for something bigger to cruise on, look no further.

Gordito means cute little fat boy, which is meant as a term of endearment in Spanish speaking countries. We don’t want to have to say this but please do not eat this skateboard. You’d think that’s a no brainer.

Artist: Goldsuit

L: 35” I W: 10” I WB: 17.5”

Deck Material: 7 Ply Canadian Maple
Concave: Deep
Flex: Low
Features: Kicktails, Wheel Wells, 100% Canadian Maple, Deep Concave,


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