2018 Landyachtz Dinghy Turbo Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 28.5"
  • Width (in): 8"
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Wheelbase: 14.6"
  • Plys: 7 Ply
  • Construction: Canadian Maple and Fiberglass
  • Griptape: Black grip installed by Landyachtz
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild to Medium
  • To Sum It Up: Fly on the Dinghy Turbo!
$64.95 USD
Deck Only. Click on "Make it a complete setup" below.
Make it a Complete Skateboard

The 2018 Landyachtz Dinghy Turbo Mini Longboard Skateboard was built and designed for the all-around skateboarder, from beginner to advanced. The Dinghy Turbo looks sexy wrapped in black fiberglass. It offers a functional kick tail to easily lift off the ground. This mini longboard comes in at 28.5" long and 8" wide with a wheelbase of 14.6".

The flared wheel wells ensure that you don't get wheelbite while carving down the street. The Space Ball bearings are equipped with built-in spacers to ensure you always maintain your desired speed. Go shred today! Pick up a Landyacthz Dinghy Turbo now!

Try the Dinghy Turbo with Polar Bear 105mm skateboard trucks and 63mm Fatty Hawgs for a smooth ride!

Our favorite shop setup includes Bennett 4.3 trucks and 65mm ABEC 11 NoSkoolz with Beasto Bearings!! This is the raddest setup!

Landyachtz's Description

Attempts to install a turbocharger in the Dinghy proved difficult due to its lack of engine. We opted for titanium axles, thin maple veneers, black fiberglass and fast as hell Rocket Hawgs wheels. Combine these for lighter weight, more speed and improved performance!

The dinghy has been our go to cruiser for nearly 20 years. Ideal for cruising the neighborhoods, beaches, and campuses of the world.

Artist: Greg Nicholls

L: 28.5" | W: 8" | WB: 14.6"

Deck material: 7 Ply Canadian Maple With Fiberglass
Concave: Low
Flex: Low
Features: Kicktail, Flared Wheel Wells, 100% Canadian Maple, Fiberglass, Low Concave


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