Moonshine MFG Sidekick Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 35
  • Width (in): 9
  • Varying Wheelbase (in): 20.5 - 22.75
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Plys: 2
  • Construction: Vertically Laminated
  • Griptape: Standard Black; Applied by MuirSkate
  • Concave Style: Rocker, Radial, 3D
  • Concave Depth: Medium
$188.95 USD

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Make it a Complete Skateboard

The Sidekick is the compact little brother to the Outlaw. For riders that prefer a smaller platform, the Sidekick is an all-around freeride deck perfect for slides, downhill and fast freeriding in any condition. The Sidekick has the same aggressive directional outline, single kick tail and radial concave as the Outlaw. And, like any Moonshine deck – it’s 100% waterproof, has ultra-durable urethane rails and comes with our 30-Day Rider Performance Guarantee.

Dimensions: 35" x 9.3"

Wheelbase Options: 20.5" | 21.25 | 22" | 22.75

With Moonshine MFG you get:
• Waterproof deck sealed from the elements
• Light, strong vertically laminated wood construction
• No delam, no warping, no twisting
• No bullshit
• Impact resistant urethane rails- fear no curb
• Precision machined truck mounts
• Exclusive 30-day performance guarantee


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High quality , super fast , top mount DH urban ripper
on 2021-04-15
reknown Moonshine Mfg construction. Vertical lam , wrapped &: reinforced w/ strong urethane them sealed in fiberglass, this thing is my stiffest but lightest deck. I love thrashing neighborhoods hills & fast side roads w/ this sweet little bro of the Outlaw. It's max wheelbase bis 22.25" . Great mild concave; get very coarse grip ( lokton /viscous)as you can reach speeds that might see the front foot slip. I run mini psd krank footstop. Very worth the investment. I give it a solid 9 of 10. Plus, you can snowboard it in powder snow during winter blahs w/out damage. I run 165mm cArsenal 44s w/ Zealous and 72mm purple krimes or the muir fatboy's wheels & that thinnest venom pad. Stoke bringer unless you need more wb than 19-22". So fast.
Surprising in the best of ways
on 2019-03-20 Verified Purchase
I was in need of a new compact freeride board that could act as an occasional ride around town. I'm about 5'6 so a lot of boards are too big for me to have any fun with, but this board has proven to be perfect for fast freeride and slide jams. It's super lightweight, and the beefy kicktail makes it an awesome street slasher with some TKP trucks. The concave is substantial, but not obnoxious, and locks you right in. I'm always weary of directional topmount kicktail boards, but this board is quickly becoming my favorite freeride deck so far. I could personally go for shaving another inch off in length, but I'm not too bent up about it
Sidekick review
on 2019-01-03
No BS, That's the Moonsine mantra. Or at least that's what it seems like. I purchased this deck from my local shop, and it has become my dedicated parking garage shredder. Its a small directional longboard, which is nice for ripping around town or hills alike. Long decks are awesome, but there should be something to be said about using the whole deck rather than just parts of it. It feels great to really use a deck, and you can really use everything this has. I've got some 180mm trucks and some 73mm wheels, and there isn't wheel bite. You'll run into trouble at low speeds with an 80mm wheel though. Overall, this thing feels like a Mini Cooper racing through LA in the Italian Job. No problem with speed, nimble, stable, and reliable. Might even survive a crash with a helicopter, but I'm not sure I'd go try it.