Earthwing Drop-Thru Supermodel 3D Longboard Skateboard Deck with Grip

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  • Length (in): 39
  • Width (in): 9.75
  • Wheelbase (in): 29
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Plys: 7
  • Construction: Maple
  • Griptape: Standard Black; Applied by MuirSkate
  • Concave Style: Rocker, Radial, W, 3D
  • Concave Depth: Mild
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$109.95 USD
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Sometimes something is so good, you can't help but go back and do it again. God Father 2, the Volkswagen Beetle, and now Earthwing's re-issue of the 2014 Supermodel!

Back with a flashy new graphic this deck's platform offers mild fenders over the wheels creating almost 360 degrees of concave for each foot. These wheel bumps don't get in the way, but are designed to help give you leverage and control for slides, as well as provide ample wheel clearance.

Earthwing incorporated a "W" style concave up the center of the deck making it stiff, as well as giving the arches of your feet extra support allowing for more control.

We recommend setting this beautiful Supermodel up with Paris 180mm Trucks and Earthwing Ultra Glide longboard freeride wheels.

Earthwing's Description

39" x 9.75"
8ply maple
Wheel Base: 29"
mold: 3D multi radius concave
flex: rigid
weight: 4.05 lbs.

We worked forever on this mold. We are so happy with the result, and proud to be able to provide such a perfect shape, mold, and graphic on the re-issue 2014 Supermodel. You can set this up with any preferred components to work with your favorite terrain. There are mild fenders over the wheels, and that same geometry is mirrored the instep of each foot for your heels to create an almost 360 degree concave for each foot. These are not awkward bumps that just get in the way, they are designed to help with your control as well as provide ample clearance. There are sweet spots all over the place and a good tuck feels perfect on it. We also incorporated a "w" up the center that slides right into the arches of your feet adding even more control. The "W" is not intended so sit underfoot. It acts as an arch support, and distributes pressure evenly across the bottom of your foot for more control. The waist has a much deeper concave along the edge than the rest of the deck This design detail along with the "W" adds a tremendous amount of natural rigidity just from the shape alone, so we were able to shed some material weight without sacrificing stiffness. The topmount has generous wheel wells to run reasonable size racing wheels without wheelbite. This board is amazing, and we are all obsessed with the mold. We really are so proud of how it works.


Earthwing boards are awesome!
on 2018-12-26 Verified Purchase
This board is a terrific and fast cruiser. I was super excited to find it at a great price and still rock this steady and reliable EW board. Can't wait to fully kit it out! Thanks Muir!
on 2018-09-24 Verified Purchase
Scott said this board is awesome and it is.
on 2018-02-28
Put some Indys 215 some EW 70 MM Floaters this chopper rides low So comfy I for got I was on a board solid I am 6'2 225 no problemas highly recommend.
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The Best Deck Made No Lie
on 2017-12-17
This is literally the greatest deck made. I’ve been skating the original 2014 Super Model for 2 years now and i never thought that the owner of Earthwing would bring back this mold. It can cruise, free ride, downhill, literally anything you ask it to. It has the most comfortable foot position out of any board I’ve ever ridden or owned and i own 15 as of this review! I put this board through the ringer hard and so has the Owner of Muirskate, Scott Lembach, these boards don’t die no matter how much you put them through. Scott’s even told me a good couple of times that this is still his favorite go to board to date whenever i ask because it’s all over his insta lol, especially for freeride, and seeing how quickly he ordered another one for himself when Earthwing re released it says a lot. I’ve used this board mostly for cruising with my buddy’s and mild free riding but I’ve seen the muirskate video of Scott on this thing and if you wanna free ride, don’t let the drop thru fool you lol. This board has never let me down, Earthwing makes the highest quality boards in my opinion and this is the definition of a perfect board. New or expierecend riders buy now before you won’t have the chance to again. Regardless of skill level you’ll love this board it works for any rider!! It’ll very quickly become your new favorite.It was my first and like i mentioned, I’ve owned 15 Longboards, and i keep finding myself coming back to ride this one becsuse it’s just so perfect. Incase you were wondering too. I ride it with 50 degree paris V2 trucks with Seismic Avalon 68mm 80a wheels or Liam Morgan Pro Model wheels I’ve used both. If you want to free ride in the future and are just cruising now keep that set up and then just buy 2 90a barrel bushings and flat washers for your Paris trucks, that’s what i did and it’s perfect for cruising, free riding, downhill, anything!! If you want this board to do something the only thing hold you back is your own confidence. Trust in this board and you’ll see your self improving and doing things you never thought you could before with ease!!