Pantheon Harbinger Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 36.25
  • Width (in): 9.9
  • Varying Wheelbase (in): 25 - 28
  • Concave Style: W, Radial
  • Concave Depth: Medium
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Plys: 9
  • Construction: Maple
  • Griptape: Standard Black, Applied by MuirSkate
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Make it a Complete Skateboard

Pantheon has released their new Harbinger! This board that was designed to cater to all your freeride and downhill needs. The Harbinger is a top-mount with 1/8" crescent micro drops that help keep your feet locked in when your tucking down the hill or even throwing slides. We are really stoked the Pantheon Harbinger and we think you will be too.

If you're looking to hit the hills and go fast try the Pantheon Harbinger with some Caliber ll trucks and 72mm Venom Cannibals Wheels. Wanna slide? Switch out those Cannibals for a set of 70mm Venom Tweakers wheels.

Pantheon's Description

Last year we released the Harbinger deck out of our Logos mold in an effort for a simplified downhill/freeride deck with taper. A lot of people loved it, but as with all our decks, we looked for ways to improve it and took into consideration every bit of feedback we received from day 1. The 2016 Harbinger is a direct reflection of that feedback in combination with some advances we have been able to make with drop technology. We made a completely new mold for this board, dedicated solely to this Harbinger shape.

The new Harb has several changes from last year's model that go beyond pure aesthetics. First, we changed the drop. Our new drop is still crescent shaped in the middle, providing perfect angled front foot positioning with support on 3 sides of the foot. This board has only 1/8 inch of drop, so it feels like you're riding a full topmount, but the shape gives a subtle cup around the front foot so you can ride with the freedom of no footstop (if you want) but with just a touch of extra shape to help hold that front foot in place. More than anything, this is just enhanced board feels.

The outside of the drop now has a bit of flare to it to provide a gently sweeping rail on the toeside for a little extra leverage. More than anything, this solves the issue of wheel clearance with our old drop shape, where on the inner wheelbases, the wheels were coming into the drop and biting a little more easily. The new shape has tons of wheel clearance that will give you extra confidence and still fits ergonomically into your tuck and freeride stance. The flare comes down right before your heel drops into the progressive concave, so there's not awkward concave situation where your heel is not making full contact with the board and losing board traction. No lack of concave here, though. There is about .66-inch of concave at 9.8-inch width right around where the front heel falls.

Moving back across the platform of the deck, we have a rear W on this deck, making it relatively unidirectional, though it will still handle bi-directional freeride should you be into that sort of thing! The W is egg shaped, with the thin part of the egg toward the front. It is created this way to fit the tuck, with your toe falling a bit more toward the center of the deck and then, as you move the foot back when things get more aggressive and the wider W comes into play for toeside drifting. We cut out the W right before the drop for a nice pocket to sink into for heelside standup slides. You'll get just a touch of W support on your arch in this position. Overall, this is a fairly mellow W that will be ideal for tucking feels and provide mild extra support for toeside drifting without getting in the way for heelside action. It's not going to solve bad form, but it will help keep you on your board. Also, we found a new design method for putting W into the concave that provides the smoothest transition into W-cave you've ever seen or felt. The foot falls into the W shape; it is not a barrier to work against, but a shape to work WITH. Aggressive W concave can often cause the foot to not fit into the cave properly, losing surface area in contact with the board and ultimately traction on the deck. We kept this in mind during design and it shows when riding.

We designed this mold with taper in mind and gradually increase the overall concave as we move back across the platform. The shape provides the rail feel that you love out of a tapered platform, and while the concave on the deck itself is not increased, the shape works with the mold so that concave is not LOST. This was one of the only consistent recommendations we received from the old Harbinger deck--that the taper cut out too much of the concave when compared with the V1 Logos or V1 Gaia. You want taper, but you don't want lost board feel. This is our answer, and it works like a charm!

Finally, we increased the overall size of the base of this platform by about 3/4-inch. You got a flat mount at 25-inch wheelbase on the old Harbinger, and at 25-inches on the 2016 model, we have a gentle flush mount to allow the trucks to sit flat. Overall wheelbases are 25-28 inches. You get 25 and 26-inch wheelbase options fully symmetrical between the drops for those that want a symmetrical feel for freeriding, and then the spacing in the back moves out to 3/4" for greater range for forward stance riding that helps with clean breakouts and hookups during predrifting. The options up front are all very useable with the new drop shape, unlike the old Harbinger model, which made stretching out the wheelbase a little more difficult on the front side. Ultimately it comes down to preference, but for those riders who want the larger wheelbase options but don't want the front foot to be too far away from the trucks, you won't have that issue with this deck no matter how you set it up.

That's it. We are super excited to release this board! Hope you guys are excited to ride it! Thanks, as always, for supporting the Pantheon fam. We live for this stuff, and your support helps us actually do it! Thanks for your support!

Length - 36.25 inches
Width - 9.9 inches
Wheelbase - 25-28 inches
Taper - .3 inches-ish
Construction - 9-ply maple


Harbinger or Harbringer?
on 2016-08-22 Verified Purchase
Love this deck. The concave and the little drop in front keep my foot right where it needs to be without having to look. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Muirskate!!