Eastside Relic Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 36
  • Width (in): 9.75
  • Wheelbase: 23.5 - 28
  • Concave Style: Tub, Rocker, W
  • Concave Depth: Deep
  • Plys: 8
  • Construction: Maple
  • Griptape: Standard Black; Applied at MuirSkate
  • Flex Level: Stiff
$99.95 USD

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Make it a Complete Skateboard

New from Eastside Longboards is the Relic. This board is 36" long and 9.75 inches wide, perfect for basically any shoe size, with wheelbases (23.5" - 28") to accommodate tall or shorter riders.

The deck is rock solid with 8 plies of maple, deep concave, slight rocker, and mellow w, all assisting to strengthen the board, as well as give you the most comfortable standing platform as possible, with subtle yet extremely effective pockets for leverage.

We recommend setting this deck up with 184mm Caliber II 50° Trucks and 70mm Orangatang 4Prez 83a Wheels for Downhill, or 69mm Orangatang Kilmers 83a Wheels for Freeriding.

Eastside's Description

The Relic embodies the spirit of the Pacific Northwest. It was prototyped for over a year and designed to be ridden anywhere on any hill with a wide range of wheelbases. The new “bathtub” style concave is aggressive and combined with the mellow “W” running down the center, it feels like home. We also incorporated a modest amount of rocker to lower the center and create a more comfortable ride. All the features together will keep your feet glued on and gripping like crazy! It's versatile for both downhill and freeride and can be comfortably ridden switch. Constructed with 8 plies of the highest quality maple, making it solid and stiff, but not too heavy coming in at just over 4 pounds. Recommended for riders up to 200 pounds. And wheels up to 72mm with no risers.


Awesome Board...
on 2017-10-12
I purchased this about a week ago obviously from this site... I gotta say at first I wasn't digging it considering I've been use to rake trucks such as my Paris from my Arbor Bug. My set up for this deck goes as follow Caliber II 50 degrees 184MM with 1/8 soft Risers, Abec 72MM CS free rides (honestly shoulda got something smaller but it's fine) Muir skate stock built in Bearings (I gotta say they're good) I had to add a 1/4 in Risers, more like 2 1/8s my board came with 1/8 I thought that would clear but it wasn't enough, I had slid successfully, then when I turned all the way I flew off the board, I thought I had ran over a pebble, but it was wheel bite. So if you are running anything over 72MM get at least 1/4 Risers if you running Calibers... I think you'd be fine with Paris trucks considering their ride height is slightly higher. Although it isn't symmetrical, you definitely can ride this deck in switch, the board feels the same. I thought I would never be a fan of Freeride / mild downhilling but this board has made consider them. If you can't afford decks that are 120+ I recommend going with this deck.
This board is INCREDIBLE
on 2017-05-08 Verified Purchase
The Eastside Relic is my all time favorite board I've ever stepped on. The HARD tub concave and mellow W really set it apart from other boards. With 9 plies of maple this board is very rigid and just feels strong. It slides like a dream, keeping my feet locked in at all time, and really cradles my back toe when I'm tucking, keeping my stance locked into place. I would recommend this board to anyone interested in downhill/freeride. In my opinion it's the absolute best board you can get for this price.
top notch
on 2017-01-16
This board has some of the best concave I have ever used and the graphic is pretty dope. Overall really nice board.
on 2017-01-11
This board has some of the most comfortable concave I've ever ridden on a board. It's so gradual and isn't too intense. I always thought intense concave was hype until I felt this board. It feel amazing in a tuck and I feel super locked in while bombing. The board holds up at very high speeds and provides possible wheel bases for all speeds. Holds up very well and seems remotely light. Like I said, the concave is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new favorite board.
Pretty awesome
on 2016-02-20 Verified Purchase
This is my first downhill deck and I am very pleased. I love the simplicity of it but at the same time I wish there was a little more to it. A more pronounced W and some over lapping griptape on the backside would have made this thing absolutely perfect. There's other boards with those features but they're much more expensive. The Relic is definitely a good and reliable middle ground.
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my favorite downhill deck
on 2016-01-11 Verified Purchase
set if up with rogue trucks, venom 90A tall barrels, zealous bearings, s9 raceforms and this thing slays! I would prefer this board over any other deck, including the baffle 37! so good mhmmmm
Sweet board
on 2015-09-13
Yes it rocks, lesser known brand but damm this things kills some serious hills no prob. Concave feels really great and board has tons of wheel clearance because of the concave lift over the wheels. I love the wide range of wheelbase from 24-28, covers all kinds of hills and can fit every kind of wheel I've tried 75mm and less with no risers. Graphic is pretty sweet too, thanks for the suggestion when I called in Muir! I was asking for a new top mount for 100 bucks with lots of concave so my feet don't slide off and they said this one will stick like glue! Yes is does, so easy to slide on and so much fun!
relic review
on 2015-07-17
this deck is amazing, I've been freeriding and downhilling on it and it's been super stable with just the right amount of concave. the W is just enough to push up against your feet and lock you in, but not too intense to where it's uncomfortable to push.