Sector 9 Hex Dropper Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 41
  • Width (in): 9.625
  • Wheelbase (in): 29
  • Concave Style: Rocker, Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild
  • Griptape: Standard black; Applied by manufacturer
  • Construction: Maple
  • Plys: 9
  • Flex Level: Stiff
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$93.95 $79.86 Sale! USD
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Just as I was about to start converting my Mini Shaka into a drop through, Sector 9 brings out the new updated colored Hex Dropper! Thanks for saving me a ton of work, dudes!

Now I get to go out and ride this bad boy while wearing my skate helmet instead of being cooped up in my garage wearing my hole drilling helmet. What? You don't have a helmet dedicated to oddly specific function of protecting your brain during hole drilling? And you call yourself a skateboarder...

Where were we? Oh, yea. The Sector 9 Hex Dropper is crafted from the lovely Mini Shaka mold with some added enhancements! In addition to the drop through mounting, the Dropper features some extra wings to assist you in controlling your slides as well as an extended (and fully symmetrical) nose and tail to help you navigate curbs and pedestrians.

There's a mild amount of rocker (a downward bend running the length of the deck) between the trucks to help keep your legs in alignment and keep your slides classy.

Set the Sector 9 2018 Dropper longboard skateboard deck up with some Paris Trucks and some 70mm MuirSkate Stock Offset Freeride Wheels and treat yourself to some high speed freeride action!

Sector 9's Description

Drop-through truck mounts and a 0.625" drop rocker create a low center of gravity, making this board both stable and easy to push (not to mention amazingly easy to slide!). The symmetrical shape and cocktails lend themselves to freeride and freestyle fun. Our updated color scheme on the Dropper may make it look too good to ride, but don't let that keep you from locking into some good slides on this well-known Sector 9 shredder.


41.0" Length
9.625” Width
29.0" Wheelbase

8 Ply Maple
Sharp rails for added grip and control
Drop rocker drop thru
Symmetrical shape
Double kick


on 2019-01-28 Verified Purchase
I. Love. This. Deck.
on 2016-05-08 Verified Purchase
I got it to practice slides. I didn't know I'd be buying such a dank board. It dances. It slides. It flexes. It's light(ish). With a small nose and tail, I can do shuvits, and not totally fail. I ❤️ Muirskate.
best board ever
on 2016-01-03
I started with this board back when it was known as the eye dropper I learned everything on this deck (cruzing, downhill, free ride, freestyle, ) it was the best starter board I could ever ask for if your looking at getting into any of these ridding skills this board it'll do it all it also lasted me a year and a half which was a record for my board's so far.
awesome board
on 2015-12-07 Verified Purchase
This board is great for sliding and also downhill riding. I reached about 35 mph on this board and didnt get speed wobbles. This board is also extremly easy to slide on with the double kicks. My setup is Paris V2 50 degree trucks, 82a cloud ride mini ozones, and zelous bearings. This board is great and for the price you cannot beat it.
Normal bernie
Better Than The Black Pearl
on 2015-09-23
As a college student, I wanted something to help me get around. Also as a college student, I have basically no money, and a lot of decks out there are $120+ which I just can't do. Also, I wanted something I could still lock into and slide on, while ALSO being able to learn some freestyle tricks. So here I am reviewing the Sector 9 Dropper, (instead of tending to my studies, because writing about longboarding is a much better way to spend my time) giving it a healthy 5 star review. Let's start with the unimportant stuff- The graphic is sick. A Kracken taking down a pirate ship. It doesn't get much cooler than that. Now to the good stuff. Being a drop thru- it is insanely easy to push around, making commuting around my hilly campus a breeze. Did I mention this deck is also a double kick? So if you need to maneuver around bikers or pedestrians or sidewalk surf, you're more than covered. Not only that, but it's symmetrical, which I really like because if I do any 180 trick, I'm already set up to send another trick/slide out. Getting to my next point- this board is excellent for slow/medium speed freeride. It has a very comfortable concave that I can best describe as a "U" that gives you a nice, comfortable locked in feel. An absolute blast, and very good to learn all your basic slides on. For the price at $90, this may just be your best freeride/freestyle/carving/cruising board out there. I ride it with Paris V2 trucks (Highly recommend!) and either Abec 11 Flashbacks or Remember Collective Hoots. Get sailing on the high seas and buy the Dropper deck. You won't be disappointed and your wallet won't be too upset with you.
Great Cruiser and Bomber
on 2015-06-29
I have this board in the lime jarrito graphic (not available from muirskate) and I absolutely love it for cruising around the neighborhood, the campground, the city, and it totally holds up (very stable, being a drop thru) when going down some hills. I've never gone more than 20 mph on it but I've also never gotten speed wobbles on this baby! I ride with PDP bearings, 9 Ball 70mm 78a wheel and Gullwing 180 Chargers. Apparently it's amazing for sliding with the Sector 9 Butterballs but I switched the wheels for something more cruiser friendly. I love this board!