Earthwing Mini Glider Longboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 32.75
  • Width (in): 9.50
  • Varying Wheelbase: 17.5 - 19
  • Griptape: Standard black; Applied by Muir
  • Construction: Canadian Maple
  • Plys: 7 Plys
  • Concave Depth: Medium
  • Concave Style: Radial, Rocker
  • Flex: Stiff
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Make it a Complete Skateboard

The Earthwing Miniglider longboard skateboard is a super wide mini designed with all disciplines in mind. It is 32.75" long with a varying wheelbase of 17.5" - 19".

Depending on your weight you might get some flex out of it. At 9.25" wide you are going to be totally locked in and hooked.

The Earthwing Miniglider is the sweetest mini on the streets. You finally have a mini that can do it all. Ollies and flip tricks are effortless. The wide platform makes slides feel super smooth.

It's especially good for campus riding and it's great for quick shots to the store or from your car to the local garage.

Set this Mini Glider with 169mm Paris Trucks, 65mm Orangatang Fat Free wheels, and Beasto bearings.

Each board's coloring is slightly different due to the staining process, so they will all have their own unique characteristics within the grain pattern. Some may have small imperfections in the stain but they all look super sweet.

Relax, graphics don't' matter!


Sick deck
on 2017-03-25 Verified Purchase
at first thought it was a little wide for me, slapped some paris v2s on it and blood orange freeride wheels and finally some orangatang nipples and the board feels dialed. I used the closer holes on the front truck for good turn in, and redrilled holes in the back inbetween the two stock mounting points. The reason for this is it felt a little unstable at speed in the furthest back position and too snappy and grippy in the closer one. Redrilling the holes in the middle gave me the perfect balance of slideability, carve, and tail.
Perfect city slasher
on 2017-02-23 Verified Purchase
Lightweight, great foot space, light flex for dampening, insane pop for ollies. Earthwing quality!!
Earthwing 2015 MiniGlider
on 2015-10-15 Verified Purchase
Fun, agile board, good fit. Recommended by Muir. Thank you.