Loaded Overland Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 37.0
  • Width (in): 9.38
  • Varying Wheelbase (in): 20.75- 22
  • Concave Style: Radial, 3D
  • Concave Depth: Medium
  • Plys: Vertically Laminated Bamboo
  • Construction: Bamboo, Fiberglass, Urethane
  • Griptape: Multi-grit Black; Applied by Manufacturer.
  • Flex Level: Mild
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Make it a Complete Skateboard

The Loaded Overland Longboard Skateboard has a built in vert-lam tail and a mellow nose, the Overland takes the best aspects of the Kanthaka and the Tesseract, with this combination you have one of the best all-around decks. Similar in length to the Kanthaka, but with a longer wheelbase, the Loaded Overland longboard skateboard can be ridden between the trucks for pumping or off the tail for an aggressive, surfy feel.

The Overland is designed to tear up the skatepark, streets, hills, and ditches in your neighborhood. With a good amount of concave, camber, a small scoop nose and kicktail, this board will have you busting out ollies, 360 slides, and slashing in no time!

Throw on a pair of standard Independent skateboard trucks and some hard wheels and kill some pools and ditches. Or, you could try 185mm Caliber trucks for fast freeriding. Put some softer longboard skateboard wheels like 66mm Orangatang Keanu on this board and take it to the boardwalk. Try it out for yourself!


on 2020-05-24 Verified Purchase
Whew. I’ve gone through like 30+ boards over the years. Like all of us, I rely on trial and error. Arbor dh series, original dh series, numerous landyachtz boards DB, omen, and I still currently ride my redrilled Rayne vandal but holy shnikes this board is phenomenal. Light weight, flexy, but sturdy. I’ve wanted a loaded board for years and I’ve always wondered if they were worth it and they are. I’ve had more fun on this board in the hour of owning it than almost my whole decade boarding.