Bonzing Da Kine Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 33.5
  • Width (in): 9.25
  • Varying Wheelbase: 17
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild
  • Plys: 7
  • Construction: Maple
  • Griptape: Standard black; Applied by Muir
  • Flex Level: Stiff
$74.95 USD

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Make it a Complete Skateboard

Bonzing teamed up with team rider Adrian Da Kine in designing this small do everything board. Whether cruising campus, hitting the park, slashing the streets, or maybe even a bit of downhill, this board has got your back. Set this baby up with some 9 inch calibers and 65mm NoSkoolz and you'll have fun no matter what you're skating!

Bonzing's Description

Team rider Adrian Da Kine shaped and created the artwork for this surf inspired double kick that balances stability and maneuverability for shredding in the urban environment. Whether Adrian is going 40mph, smashing the park or diving into the crevices of San Francisco he does it all on this 17in. wheelbase skateboard.

Shaper: Adrian Da Kine

"I shaped this board to be a shredder of all terrain. The 17" wheelbase lets me stand with my feet above the trucks and shoulder width apart. Great for going fast on soft wheels or hitting transition on hard wheels. A 9.5" widest point is lined up with the forward truck to keep you steady on your front foot and a square tail gives you plenty of space for the back foot to lock in when sliding or slashing coping. Wheel wells give that extra clearance for a leany setup. The total length measures in at 34". I could have put a big old nose on the front but I kept it surfy, old school, and on the smaller side but plenty space to catch your foot when you ollie. Comfortable concave for all applications, a board that everyone can enjoy."

Artist: Adrian Da Kine

"This graphic brings together some of my favorite visual items: Simple lettering, intricate line patterns, and bright colors. What used to be a style of mindless doodling for me took off in a new direction when paired with the letters and their meaning. The feeling of Bonzing radiates outward in warm waves splashing against each other and riding off into infinity."


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