Loaded Truncated Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

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  • Length (in): 33.0
  • Width (in): 9.5
  • Varying Wheelbase (in): 24.5-26
  • Concave Style: Tub, Rocker, W, 3D
  • Concave Depth: Medium
  • Plys: Vertically Laminated Bamboo
  • Construction: Bamboo, Fiberglass, Cork
  • Griptape: Course-grit Black; Applied by Manufacturer.
  • Flex Level: Stiff
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Wikipedia says, "In geometry, a truncated tesseract is a uniform polychoron (4-dimensional uniform polytope) formed as the truncation of the regular tesseract.

Here at Muirskate we say, The Truncated Tesseract is the downhill inspired, compact variation of the original Tesseract.

The smallest member of the Tesseract family, the Truncated Tesseract is a no kicktail, race-driven shape designed for those fast lines and downhill racing. This is the top mount directional speed board that we have all waited so long for from Loaded. Featuring a comfortable rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and a little bit of added width, this board keeps your feet locked in for high speed predrifts and cornering.

The pointier nose tapers gently to effectively accommodate the front foot in a tuck and the snubbed tail make the Truncated Tesseract significantly more compact and agile, with nothing to get in the way.

The gripped rails are also perfect for railing the tightest corners but also come in handy when freeriding, helping to maintain complete traction to your board.

The Truncated Tesseract is truly a board for any rider that is in favor of a traditional downhill shape but features the performance-driven ergonomics and construction that we've all come to expect from Loaded.

Note: Old School Mounting is not compatible with the Tesseract. 1st generation Ronins trucks will not work. You will need to drill holes for compatibility.

Set up
184mm Caliber 50 Cal Trucks
70mm Orangatang For President Wheels
Muirskate BEASTO Bearings

Loaded's Description

The Tesseract family has expanded to cater to your unique quest for four-wheeled illumination. The Truncated Tesseract integrates rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options into a lightweight package designed for big mountain roads, high speeds, and snappy slides. It eschews superfluous appendages in favor of a more traditional and race-inspired shape while retaining all the performance-driven ergonomics and construction of its precursor. Escape the three-dimensional confines of contemporary skateboarding and embrace the fourth dimension.

Note: Old School Mounting is not compatible with the Tesseract. 1st generation Ronins trucks will not work. You will need to drill holes for compatibility.

Length: 33" / 84 cm
Width: 9.5" / 24 cm
Wheelbase: 24.5" and 26" / 62.2 cm and 66 cm
Concave: 0.30" / 0.76 cm (at W peak), 0.39" / 0.99 cm (at W trough)
Rocker: 0.33" / 0.84 cm
Wedging Angle: 3.5°
Weight: 4.5 lbs / 2.0 kg (with grip)

Symmetrical rocker throughout the deck cups the outer edges of your feet and creates a subtle locked-in sensation, helping you stay firmly planted in slides and facilitating confident and natural movement up and down the length of the board. Additionally, rocker slightly lowers your center of gravity for enhanced stability.

Wheel Well Flares:
Flared wheel wells increase wheel clearance and also create surface transitions that provide lateral and longitudinal support for your feet, both inside the trucks and on the kicktail. These flares promote board awareness and keep your feet locked into a compound contoured pocket while sliding, cornering, and tucking.

W Concave:
The Tesseract family features an intuitive W concave to enhance rider control in all toeside maneuvers. The central hump is tall yet wide, providing strong lateral support near the transitions without compromising arch comfort. The W concave follows a mellow elliptical shape and fades gradually in amplitude approaching the trucks, disappearing 3/4" behind the innermost mounting holes. This design allows the inside edges of your feet to nestle up against the W (for toeside slides) while also allowing the outside of your foot to rest in a more radial dish just behind the flared wheel wells (for comfort while tucking on long downhill runs). Progressive yet mild rail concave provides optimal edge control without sacrificing comfort.

Directional Shape:
The Cantellated Tesseract sports a single tail kick to meet your ollie-popping, tick-tacking, and manual-balancing needs. The kick length -- tuned for maximum functionality and pop in the original Tesseract -- remains unchanged. However, the Cantellated Tesseract's tail features a wider and fuller shape than its double-kick cousin. The width of the board stays consistent all the way up to the blunted nose for predictable leverage for slides and tricks anywhere on the board.

Variable Wheelbase:
24.5" and 26" wheelbase options allow you to fine tune your setup based on your riding style and specific truck geometry. Move your axles in for quicker pop, increased agility, higher traction, and lower swing weight; move them out for greater stability and more lean.


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board is absolutley gorgeous love the texture and conclaves too it