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Bustin Boards

Bustin William RoYce Pro Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

  • Length: 37.5"
  • Width: 10.1"
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135.0 Bustin William RoYce Pro Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip


The Bustin RoYce PRO Model longboard skateboard is a perfect all around shredder.

Designed around William Royce, this board has many great features such as 3D wheel flares, pleasure ribs, kick tails, W concave, and plenty of wheel base options to choose from.

Canyons to neighborhoods to access roads, this board will eat 'em up like a peach cobbler! So you desire an all-rounder? This is the deck for you!

Bustin's Description

Introducing the New Bustin William RoYce Pro
Working hand in hand with Bustin Pro rider William Royce, we developed the perfect mold and shape attuned to his aggressive, skate-everything riding style. The Royce Pro is equipped with an aggressive, progressive radial concave with mild elliptical W, mellow wheel flares, large wheel wells, pleasure ribs, and a sick through-concave kicktail. This board is ready to take on just about anything you could ever encounter on a skateboard. An extra short wheelbase option is thrown in as an ideal option for when Will takes on boarder-cross events.

The concave is built to support many riding styles. Small stance riders will fit nicely between the trucks mounts and flares. Tight tuckers will find that rear foot right in the heart of a comfortable W-concave. Larger stance riders can comfortably place their feet in the 3-D or in the pocket between the 3-D concave and the tail. Movement through the platform of the deck is fluid, with no part of the deck screaming "Don't put your foot here!" Yet, with a concave that is constantly changing through the length of the deck, it is very easy to find your place and know just where you are. Royce's "Pleasure Ribs" are incorporated into the shape of this deck to provide additional locators for his feet and to increase the his leverage over the edge of the board during slides.

Not only does this deck just straight kick ass, but best of all, this is Will's Pro Model deck. That means purchasing and riding this board helps support one of the raddest skateboarders out there, helping put food on his plate and getting him to an event near you! We are stoked to be able to help support Will on his skate quest. One love and Jah bless from Bustin Boards and William Royce!


Length - 37.5”
Width - 10.1”
WB - 22 - 25.5
Concave - 0.6 - 0.75” Race’cave


3D Wheel Flares
Through-Concave Kicktail
Pleasure Ribs
Multiple Wheelbase Options
CNC Wheel Wells
Elliptical W-Concave
8-ply Great Lakes Maple
Race Stiff

Tags: decks, downhill-boards, freeride-boards, speed-boards, top-mount, w-concave, double-kick, kicktail, Skate, Featured

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