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Never Summer Longboards

Never Summer Top Mount Descent Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

  • Length: 38"
  • Width: 8.5"
137.95 Never Summer Top Mount Descent Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip


The Descent is Never Summer's go-to board for carving and cruising around town featuring nice flex, mild concave and deep wheel cutouts allowing for more clearance when running bigger wheels. This board will return 110% of the energy put into it when pumping and its light-weight construction will make it a very versatile part of any quiver.

Never Summer's Description

The Descent is the new 39" twin tip, flex deck. Loaded with camber, Bi-lite Sk8 fiberglass and carbon fiber, this deck is the most flexy, most fun board in the Never Summer line up!

The Decent is preloaded with tons of camber and a little more concave than other flex decks. Very lively and responsive yet not overpowering, this is the elite in flex decks at an affordable price.

The all new Powerflex Desecent is crafted with two thin plys of and two thick plys of Canadian Maple. This change allows more powerful riders 165+ to enjoy the Descent. A lighter rider would enjoy the Powerflex if their main goal is riding at higher speeds on hills. The Powerflex will allow a much more stable ride in deep carves and straight bombs too. "You deserve it!!" Tell you Mom that Muir Skate said so. Do good in school Kids.

39"x8.5" wheel base: 33.8"

Never Summer offers a 3 Year Warranty on the construction of all decks.

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