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Earthwing Longboards

Earthwing Carbon Belly Carver Limited Edition Longboard Deck w/ Grip

  • Length: 37.5"
  • Width: 10"
94.95 Earthwing Carbon Belly Carver Limited Edition Longboard Deck w/ Grip


Earthwing decided to run a couple Limited Edition Carbon Belly Carvers just for you!! Enjoy!

Earthwing brings back the old Boomerang mold into a new shape: The Belly Carver! Well, OK, the shape isn't "new" per se... It's the Belly Racer shape, but when it's combined with the Boomerang mold, the Belly Carver springs to life! Literally! The Belly Carver features a small amount of flex to allow you to execute some very aggressive carves as well as dampen some rough terrain you might encounter. The size seems to work well for smaller riders and larger riders alike, but the flex may just be ideal for riders under 215 lbs or so.

We'd suggest trying the Belly Carver out with some 184mm Caliber "50 Cals" and some 70mm Earthwing Smokers for maximum shredability.

Earthwing's Description

This was a small run of a carbon deck with a super light core made to replace the Boomerang - same mold with a small camber. This is not the belly racer mold, and this will have a slight flex enough to dissipate vibration, and probvide the most fluid ride in carving. The shape is identical to the belly racer because it works, there is no changes that need to be made there.

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