Rotule Speed Karrot Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

Rotule Speed Karrot Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete
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When we were introduced to Rotule in the latter months of 2010, this was the board that convinced us to bring them on board. The design of the Rotule Speed Karrot longboard skateboard deck is great for downhill freeride and high speed downhill riding thanks to the nicely dropped platform and the tray-esque concave. The drop in the deck is fairly sharp, giving you all the benefits of the drop platform without sacrificing as much footspace as other boards. This second generation Speed Karrot longboard deck is constructed with a powerful adhesive that will resist de-lamination more effectively than most drop platform boards. Combine that with two layers of carbon fiber and you've got yourself the one of the strongest drop platform decks available today. Rotule knows what they're doing, and this board proves it. Set the Rotule Speed Karrot up with some Caliber 50 Cal Longboard Trucks and some Venom Tweaker wheels and prepare the towels, 'cause you're about to get drenched in gnar-sauce. If you prefer the higher speed of things, get some 42° Randal trucks and some 72mm Sector 9 Race Formula wheels and hit the high slopes for some high speed fun.


  • Width (in): 9.75
  • Length (in): 40.0