Sector 9

Sector 9 Electric Unagi Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

Sector 9 Electric Unagi Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete
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Introducing Sector 9's new carving skateboard deck! The Sector 9 Electric Unagi deck measures 34.5" long, 8.75" wide and has a 17.25" wheelbase. This skateboard deck is the perfect mini-longboard skateboard for hitting the streets or have fun at your local skatepark. We like to take ours to the local deli or meet-up at the beach! This skateboard cruiser deck was designed to be set up with 9" Gullwing Sidewinder trucks which feature a 'double kingpin' setup and allows the truck to steer far more than regular trucks, tightening the turning radius and also giving back double the rebound you put into your carves and pumps. Set this Sector9 Electric Unagi longboard deck with 9" Sidewinder trucks, 65mm Orangatang Fat Free wheels and Beasto bearings.


  • Length (in): 34.5
  • Width (in): 8.75
  • Wheelbase: 17.25"
  • Flex Level: Stiff
  • Plys: 7 Plys
  • Construction: Canadian Maple
  • Griptape: Black Applied by Sector 9
  • Concave Style: Radial
  • Concave Depth: Mild