Loaded Dervish Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

Loaded Dervish Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete
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Note from Scott: Purchase an extra pack of 1" Panhead hardware for the Loaded Dervish. The Loaded Dervish will break hardware due to Torsional Flex (twisting of the bamboo) along with the movement of the baseplate between the Drop-Through. We suggest that you order .13 Khiro Drop-Through risers when building your complete and add a Khiro Skate Tool so that you can make sure your hardware is snug at all time. READ ON: The Bamboo Loaded Dervish longboard skateboard is a great all round cruising machine. It's 41.5" long and 8.5" wide with a 33" wheelsbase. There is plenty of room for error on the Loaded Dervish. Longboarders from beginners to advanced rank the Dervish the #1 longboard. Check out the drop-through design. Loaded has thought of everything. Lower to the ground than most longboards, the dervish is great long distance pumping and pushing longboard with added stability. The soft and smooth ride of the Loaded Dervish is a made possible by its construction of Epoxy and Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich a vert-lam Bamboo core. In short, this board is light weight, flexible, and as strong as steel. The Loaded Dervish will not let you down. It's easy to explain why the Loaded Dervish is a Best Seller: the Dervish is flexible and fun to ride for all riders of all different skill levels. Beginners find the Dervish easy to ride because the torsional flex allows for easy maneuvering and bounce back to center when you need it most in sharp cornering (what you need for stability). Advanced riders enjoy the added features like an extended nose and tail for flip tricks. This longboard deck can withstand excess weight loads especially from aerial maneuvers. You should try the Loaded Dervish with 180 Randal trucks, Bear 852, or Paris 180mm longboard trucks. For good traction while cruising hills you should try the 75mm Orangatang In Heat longboard wheels or Retro Big Zig Reflex formula longboard wheels. For Free Riding and slides taste some 75mm Orangatang Durians. They're pretty sweet. It's important to know that the Dervish will soften in time, therefore, you should over estimate your desired flex. Flex 1: for those OVER 150 lbs Flex 2: for those UNDER 150 lbs We don't want you to just buy another one just because you think that it is too soft for you after a 1 year. We want you to save your money for Loaded's new Tan Tien longboard deck coming out soon. Also, the a stronger flex will resist stress cracks and sheering of the bamboo after millions of Tiger Claws and Acid Drops off the hood of your buddy's SUV. For better performance and control, try the following Khiro and Venom longboard bushing upgrades: 50-100lbs 73-80a Durometer 75-125lbs 78-82a Durometer 100-145lbs 80-85a Durometer 125-175lbs 80-87a Durometer 145-195lbs 82-90a Durometer 175-220lbs 85-93a Durometer 200-250lbs 90-93a Durometer 225lbs+ 90-97a Durometer Remember, one complete Dervish needs 2 packs of Venom bushings.


  • Drilling Pattern: New & Old School
  • Camber: Yes
  • Flex Level: Varies. Choose variation below.
  • Griptape: Pre-Gripped w/ Clear Spray-On Grip
  • Griptape: Pre-Gripped w/ Clear Spray-On Grip
  • Discipline: Cruising, Carving
  • Width (in): 8.5
  • Length (in): 41.5