Sector 9 Downhill Division

Sector 9 Downhill Division Ginger Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete

Sector 9 Downhill Division Ginger Longboard Skateboard Custom Complete
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The all-new Sector 9 Downhill Division Ginger Longboard Skateboard is comprised of layers of maple, carbon fiber, and a smooth acrylic base-coat. The 0.625" drop platform on the Sector 9 Ginger is properly designed to maximize the standing platform as well as give you a good "locked in" feeling. With a variable wheelbase of 30.2", 31.2", 32.2", and a considerable amount of width, this board will feel very stable beneath your feet and this stability will be redirected through your riding to make you the gnarliest, most shreddiest of individuals this side of the Himalayas. Well... That is unless your friend has one, too, then you both would be! The Sector 9 Ginger longboard skateboard is meant specifically for downhill racing and free-ride, so don't pick this up and expect to cruise it to school and/or work everyday (unless you want to, we wont stop you!). This thing was designed for the hills and should be ridden accordingly! Throw on some 180mm Randal R-II Downhill Trucks or some Gullwing Stalker Downhill Trucks to get some excellent performance out of your new downhill machine. If you're a fan of gripping and ripping hairpin turns, grab some 74mm Sector 9 Race Formula Longboard Wheels or some 70mm Orangatang 4President Longboard Wheels. If throwing dirt-nasty slides is your cup of tea, grab a set of the 72mm ABEC 11 Classic FreeRide Longboard Wheels or some 70mm Sector 9 Race Formula Downhill Longboard Wheels. The Sector 9 Downhill Division Longboard Series is produced in limited quantities. These boards are designed for the serious downhill rider and not for skating to and from class. For that reason, you won't find these boards anywhere in a facility that also houses a food court and/or movie theatre...


  • Camber: None
  • Width (in): 10.25
  • Length (in): 39.5