Earthwing PlaceHolder Custom Complete

Earthwing PlaceHolder Custom Complete
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Hey Kids listen up! Get Indy 215 trucks and order any pack of DH Barrels by Venom with 1 Pack of Bones Hardcore Bushings. In the comments section at checkout tell us how much you weigh and what kind of riding you are doing and we will set it up right! This is the perfect set up. The Earthwing Supermodel longboard Skateboard is an all in one Freeride, downhill skateboard, and is easily used for campus cruising. We tested it for the first time and was in awe at the bottom of the hill. The Supermodel is a drop through design making it easier to push and more stable than a top mount. Your feet will feel completely locked in to the 10.1 inches of board width. I would not hesitate to run a downhill setup and race on the Earthwing Supermodel. It's the perfect freeride machine, for an even better price. The 9 ply is most definitely stiff. So if you weigh over 175 lbs this will be an amazing Downhill board for you. Small riders under 175 lbs might would consider the 38" 8 Ply Earthwing SuperModel for downhill and freeriding. You should try a set of Independent 215mm trucks for both freeride and downhill. For technical slides you should try out the Loaded Stimulus (or Durians) in 86a. Any 180 reverse king pin truck like Randal, Paris, or Bears will work with the SuperModel. Try out some Earthwing wheels too! The Earthwing Obomers and Smokers are really fast and grippy wheels too!!! Independent fans please read this: Longboarders never imagined a standard king pin skate truck could turn as well as a reverse king pin truck. A few tweaks to your Independents and your trucks turn like mad. Just check out the bushing upgrade we suggest. Looking to upgrade your bushings on your Independent trucks that get you the best performance out of them for your new longboard, then we have the be combo for you. You will want to purchase a pack of Venom DH Barrels that correspond to your body weight, riding style, and stiffness of your board. You will also need to purchase one pack of Bones Hard Core Bushings for the top of the trucks. You will want to use the smaller of the four bushings that come in the pack!! Important note: You must choose a harder combination of bushings for more speed and a stiffer board.


  • Camber: None
  • Width (in): 10.0
  • Length (in): 40.0