Venom Oops Blemished Bushings

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Note: "Quantity: 1" is enough for one truck. Buy TWO (2) packs for your complete longboard!

Muirskate inspects and then polishes each individual Venom Bushing that we ship. It's rare, but sometimes we find a bushing that does not meet our standard.

We have been accumulating Venom Oops bushings here at the warehouse. Instead of just sending them back to the Venom, we want to give you a shot at ordering them from Muirskate at a reduced price.

Oops blemished bushings function like the rest of the Venom bushings that you would purchase from Muirskate.

Here are some of the most common Oops blemishes that you should expect when ordering Venom Oops bushings:

* Discoloration
* Injection mold air cavities (More than 2)
* Excess mold-release on the bushings
* Inconsistent coloring in shapes
* Minuscule shape deformations

The physical appearance of the Venom Oops bushings will not affect the performance of your longboard. This is a great opportunity to adjust your trucks in your longboard at an affordable price!

Venom's Description

Note: "Quantity: 1" is enough for one truck. Buy TWO (2) packs for your complete longboard!

We want to help you choose your bushing for your body weight! So here's a mini cheat sheet to get you started:

50-100 lbs: 73-80a
75-125 lbs: 78-82a
100-145 lbs: 80-85a
125-175 lbs: 80-87a
145-195 lbs: 82-90a
175-220 lbs: 85-93a
200-250 lbs: 90-93a
225 lbs and up: 90-97a

Venom bushings are considered highly by experienced Longboard skateboard enthusiasts. If you have not tried Venom Standard Bushings on your cruising longboard, you have not yet felt a rebounding skate truck. These bushings compress and release to perfect center every time. Choose your durometer carefully. Don't just purchase the bushing because the color matches your skateboard. You should consider your weight and board shape carefully before ordering your bushings. Call us if you need additional assistance!


Height: ~15.53mm
Outer Diameter: ~23.47mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.34mm

Height: ~15.53mm
Outer Diameter: ~25.10mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.34mm


Good purchase
on 2021-08-17 Verified Purchase
While mine were very clearly "oops" quality, they function in exactly the same manner as normal venom SHR cones, so it's a total win in my books! Great for carving, though the wheel bite with my Dervish Sama is sketch - make sure to use cupped washers!
Venom SHR Super Carve Cones (88a)
on 2021-07-25 Verified Purchase
Barely noticed any blemishes with the ones I received. They carve like butter!
They're still Venom Bushings
on 2021-07-12 Verified Purchase
Honestly couldn't tell visually that some of them were blem. Riding felt exactly like other Venom bushings so the price drop is totally worth it. Also, the packaging gave me a chuckle.