RipTide KranK Canon + Washers Longboard Skateboard Bushings Pack

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Quantity 1 = 2 bushings which is enough for 1 truck. Order quantity 2 for a complete longboard.

The Krank Canon bushings are designed for Paris, Caliber, Gullwing Chargers, Gullwing Stalkers, PNL, Rey, Bolzen and Surf Rodz trucks.

Riptide Canon bushings will fit Roadside on Bennet trucks.

The Krank bushings are made out of a high rebound formula that will harden when compressed under pressure. For example, if you are cruising down a mellow hill, and you then you decide to mob down a bigger hill, just tighten that kingpin nut down a turn or two and voila you are ready to go.

The straight-walled shape of the RipTide Canon bushings offers a stable platform and slightly higher rebound than the Cones, making the RipTide Canons an excellent choice for higher speed freeriding as well as faster downhill purposes.

RipTide's Description

Sold as Pair with Sticker.

25.07mm Dia x 15.60mm High.

Designed specifically for use in Paris Trucks as well as those that have a slightly larger bushing seat. The somewhat larger shape will fill that seat snugly, thus eliminating the chance of dead-space or slop that can result in a weird, not-in-full-control feeling.

The Canon shape itself is an ever-so-slightly larger barrel. Use as a double-barrel combo or use roadside and combine with the Magnum shape for a super-plush experience with impressive turnability and control over return-to-center!

Harder Krank durometer bushings (96a & 93a) are for heavier-weight riders (over 140lbs) as harder durometer bushings allow for a nice tight setup.
Medium Krank durometer bushings (90a & 87a) are best for medium-weight riders (100 - 140lbs) as well as for those looking for a looser setup in the RoadSide position when coupled with a harder duro bushing.
Softer Krank durometer bushings (84a) are best for lightweight riders (50 - 100lbs). Super fun for those looking for a really loose setup.
PLEASE NOTE: The Krank Formula has quite a bit of adjustability - so order accordingly! You can tighten the kingpin nut up to two full turns to 'harden' or 'loosen' the duro.

Excellent when used as a Double Canon combo - but incredibly fun and variable when used in the Roadside position in combo with other shapes & or duro's in the Boardside position. (All shapes & sizes of RipTide Bushings are available in the Krank formula!)

Canon & Magnum Bushings are a slightly wider diameter bushing that is well-suited for Trucks with a slightly larger bushing seat than average, such as Paris.


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