Bones Hardcore Barrel Bushings Pack

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Hardcore's Description

Hardcore™ Bushings are barrel bushings which will fit in ALL longboard trucks that use standard height bushings such as Aera, Caliber, Paris, Randal, PNL, etc.

The insert greatly increases the precision of your truck by limiting side to side movement of the hanger, increasing rebound, stability, and steering. You can expect to run a softer durometer than your previous set-ups. Hardcore bushings will improve the performance of any longboard trucks.

85A GREEN/RED - Softest - for 100lb - 200lb - carving / cruising / freeride / DH

88A WHITE/RED - Mid range - for 140lb - 220lb - cruising, freeride or DH

90A RED/RED - Upper mid range - for 160lb - 240lb - heavier riders, or DH / freeride

93A BLACK/RED Hardest - for 180lb - 300lb - heavy riders, extra stability or DH / Freeride

Why Hardcore?

-Patented bonded-insert technology
-More precise steering
-Quicker response
-No break-in period
-More stability
-The BEST bushings, period.


My new favorite bushings
on 2020-06-16 Verified Purchase
I avoided these for some reason for the longest time. I finally tried them as they came stock in my rf-1s. They are very different than the venom bushings I'd been riding for a while. They're much more surfy and let you do longer standing slides, as they don't force you back to center like venoms do. They're really forgiving. I'm 175lbs and I ride black/red in my downhill rig, and I've got these in my cruiser and freeride rigs running green/white/red for really fun carving and cruising.
Best not-tall bushing on the market
on 2020-04-22 Verified Purchase
As a 135 pound rider I've found both the white/red and green/red combo to both be superb for freeride in my Aera RF-1's. After a little over a year of running the hell out of them, I'm only buying a new set to say I have a new set in my trucks. I haven't noticed a dampening in performance at all from a year of almost daily free ride. Get em.
Slop stoppers
on 2019-11-01 Verified Purchase
Perfect to cut down on slop with cast trucks. The extra bit of diameter plus, the hard insert restricts lateral play substantially, while maintaining the proper amount of turn you'd expect from traditional barrel bushings. I've ridden/tested them in both Paris' and Calibers, and they are an absolute joy.
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“Best bushings period”
on 2019-07-11 Verified Purchase
Smooth fast responsive rebound, good lean, i see why they come stock in higher end trucks they are worth every dollar (they dont work with top hat washers unless you flip bushings around but no big deal either way) Perfect bushings
Normal untitled
on 2019-01-15 Verified Purchase
Everything good
on 2018-08-23 Verified Purchase
Working amazing in my Swelltech Surfskate rear truck and my wife's, cheap ones that came with our boards like insta shredded and these so far seem unphased by the abuse from pumping and carving