Ronin Factory OEM Tall Barrel Longboard Skateboard Bushings Pack

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The Ronin Factory OEM Bushings give you even more tune-ability to your Ronin Trucks!

These bushing have a harder urethane insert (bump stop) inside to create a middle ground between the original factory bushing durometers.

With the bump stop furthest from the hanger, you can expect a stable center with the same linear turn as the original (non-bump stop) bushings but with gradual resistance the more you turn.

Flipping the bushing so the bump stop is closest to the hanger, you'll have a softer center for quick turns with even more resistance the more you turn.

Mix them up and dial in your Ronin Trucks like never before!

Height: ~20.10mm
Outer Diameter: ~24.90mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.48mm

Ronin's Description

Ronin Factory OEM Bushings are the next generation of tuneability. Inside the same Factory Bushing urethane is a bump stop imbedded off center, allowing the bushing to have two different feels depending on which side of the bushing is facing the hanger.

With the square, meatier side of the bushing towards the hanger, you can expect a deep linear turn as a normal bushing might feel, getting tighter as you get to the end of the trucks action.

The magic happens when you flip the bushing over to the rounded edge, with the bump stop closer to the hanger. This setting allows for a soft center, which gives you the quick turn and cushion of the duro, but as you lean more it becomes progressively tighter as the thane is squished between the bump stop. This feel is great for dialing in sweeper control, reducing wheelbite and added stability.

Extra light or heavy riders who have trouble dialing their feel from a certain hardness can benefit by easily finding the middle ground between two duros. Mixing hard and soft Factory OEM bushings in each orientation of the bump stop opens up many tuning possibilities.

Using the same two OEM bushings, there are four combinations of feel depending on how you orient them on the top and bottom. This gives you many more options to find the feel you want with one set of bushings. With three hardness’s to choose from; 85a, 90a, and 95a, there are many combinations for you to dial in your setup for any occasion.


Super crazy
on 2018-10-16 Verified Purchase
I got them to put on my ronin Katanas. Super cool how much they turn flipped with the hard stop on the bottom. And to a certain point they start resisting the turn so its cool to slash neighborhoods. When you wanna hit a mountain, Flip them again and throw on your favorite square lipped wheels.
Normal cannot keep it secret by coyotemange d5n3fft
Excellent stock bushings
on 2017-11-30
I have been using these stock bushings on my ronin cast trucks for a long time, and they are by far the best stock bushings I've ever used. They are responsive but not as springy as venoms or riptides in my opinion. I am a 110 pound woman and I can use them for downhill, though I did pick up a pair of slightly heavier Riptides to use with these for the faster downhill runs. Overall these are my favorite picks for my Ronins when cruising around, doing more mild hills, or riding on boards that need that extra soft bushing to improve their turning ability. My fiancee is a lot heavier than me at 6'3 and he finds these bushings alright for cruising but a bit loose, so someone who is particularly heavy may want to go for heavier bushings for high speed.