Venom HPF Insert Bushings for Rogue Trucks

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Venom High Performance Formula insert bushing are like a smaller barrel bushing that fits into the hanger of Rogue Trucks. They create less slop in the truck, and removes some of the lateral play you get with typical reverse kingpin trucks.

With 3 different bushing durometers to choose from, you'll be able to tune your setup exactly to your liking.

** Not the same as Khiro Insert Bushings**

Height: ~8mm
Outer Diameter: ~21mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.5mm

Venom's Description

Designed to fit into the hanger of Rogue trucks, Venom Insert Bushings are poured in the Venom High-Performance Formula and available in 85A, 93A, and 97A. Comes with 2 insert bushings, enough for one skateboard.

Venom Insert Bushings for Rogue Trucks remove lateral play from the truck and are designed to ensure the hangar pivots around the kingpin correctly, without slop. They allow for the truck to respond to less rider input, giving you a more direct turn than a conventional reverse kingpin truck. Using urethane as our insert gives your trucks and turn more responsive feel without the harsh ride or twitchy feel you may experience with sphericals.

The 85A will give you more of a gray area when sliding, which is great for freeride and powerslides.
The 97A will give you a more definitive line between grip and slip, which is great for racing and technical downhill.


Night and Day difference
on 2016-12-13 Verified Purchase
These give you slide predictability immediately especially depending on your weight. I'm 190 lb and the stock insert was too soft and wanted to kick back right away after breaking into a slide, and I'm pretty much just hands/pucks down slides. But just put in the 93a and WHOA what a difference. Exactly what I needed as well as supporting the hanger too from being too twitchy. Feels amazing now !!! I love how the cast rogues are soon tunable !
on 2016-08-29 Verified Purchase
These are awesome with my rogue's. I'm running these with 90a barrels roadside and 93a barrels boardside. feel awesome
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small piece that makes a big difference
on 2016-08-16 Verified Purchase
Customizing insert bushings with your trucks gives you even more freedom to create a feel for your board.
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Worth It
on 2016-08-02 Verified Purchase
I wish I didn't have to fork out ten bucks for a pair of these but it certainly cleans up my Rogues. I recommend the 93a for freeride fun along with some Venom SHR Barrels.
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Sweet squishy inserts
on 2016-05-05 Verified Purchase
I wanted 93a but accidentally ordered 90a. No big deal. The trucks have a great release point and hookup with the inserts at 90a. Definitely more freeride friendly than say 97a. All this being said I still want to try 93a as that may be best for me. Some may want a less defined release for freeriding or a harsher more defined kickout for dh. Its all up to you.