Venom HPF Bushing 10 Bag Longboard Skateboard

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  • Included Bushing Durometers: 85a, 87a, 90a, 93a, 97a
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NOTE: White and Grey color bushings may come with a variation in the color. White bushings are affected by light that might cause discoloration.

Note: One (1) Venom HPF Downhill Bushing Bag includes the following
2 - 85A
2 - 87A
2 - 90A
2 - 93A
2 - 95A
1 - Venom Sticker

**Elims and Barricals come with 97a Pinks instead of 95a Glow-in-the-Darks**

Venom DH Barrel bushings are considered the highest quality bushings by experienced downhill riders and Longboard enthusiasts. If you have not tried a Venoms on your Racing board, you have not yet felt a rebounding truck. These bushings compress and release to perfect center. Choose your durometer carefully. Don't just purchase the bushing because the color matches your skateboard. You should consider your weight and board shape carefully before ordering your bushings. If you need additional information check out our Bushing Guide!

** If you want different duros leave a comment in the box upon checkout **


Standard Barrels
Height: ~15.53mm
Outer Diameter: ~25.10mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.34mm

Tall Barrels

Venom's Description

Venom Bushing bag of 10 comes in Downhill.
Downhill Comes with:
2 - 85A
2 - 87A
2 - 90A
2 - 93A
2 - 97A
1 - Venom sticker


on 2021-11-22 Verified Purchase
This bushings bag is definitely worth the price. All the duros let me dial in my setup and it feels so much better than the bushings that came in my caliber 2s. Also liked that it included washers, would definitely recommend.
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Tall Barrels
on 2021-01-28 Verified Purchase
Follow the prescribed settings and wait for a week or two, to make the adjustments. Nice control and very stable. Good stuff.
on 2020-12-11 Verified Purchase
Nice to have so many options. Like that they came with washers (flat and cup)
New to bushings? Get this
on 2020-12-09 Verified Purchase
Seriously, this bushing pack changed my setups all for the better. I'm dialing in DH, freeride, and dance setups with these. Mostly i was running stock bushings on cast trucks, but wow what a difference a great bushing makes. Get these!
What a Deal
on 2020-11-12 Verified Purchase
Seeking to refurbish an old longboard, I decided to order this sack of bushings to use and swap, get a feel for the bushings (first time swapping bushings). I put in the order comments that I was a 250lb rider looking to install them for cruising and carving. Scott emailed me and swapped the bushings in my bag, he even gave me some of his "personal stash" so that I would have 2 short barrels to fit my Penny board. This being my first Muir order, Scott sold me forever. He's been such a big help on every order I've made since then. Thank you Scott and Co.!
on 2020-09-12 Verified Purchase
You legit get a burlap sack full of bushings, what more do you want? Note: if you get the barrel/cone combo, the sack comes with one barrel and one cone of each duro, so get the full sack if you wanna run the same setup for each truck.
Great assortment of bushings and washer
on 2019-03-31 Verified Purchase
You get enough bushings to tune your board and some cups and washers for even more options. Shipping is smooth as heck. Will shop here often
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Great Bushings
on 2018-03-14 Verified Purchase
I bought this, to tune in my setup, and get the perfect feel. I ride purple roadside, and red boardside, and it's perfect for me (5'8", 140 pounds). I ride my trucks super duper loose. However, when I put them in my Bear 852's(ew lol), they were a bit hard to get set in the bushing seat. A tad bigger than my stock. When you finally got the king pin nut on to tighten, I tore up the back red bushing a bit (took a small chunk off). However, I'm not complainin. Gonna get me some Rogue's soon, and I'll get a new pack of tall barrels too. (Oh, and don't forget about the fact that you now have extra bushings for a footstop. I used the glow in the dark for a footstop, and it's pretty slick in the dark!!!)
So Much Better Than Stock Bushings
on 2017-11-01 Verified Purchase
Threw these into my Paris v2s and wow was I having fun. By coming in a pack I was able to customize my setup to my liking paired with Array Sleeved and Cupped washers. 10/10 would recommend
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Rad Yo
on 2017-09-01 Verified Purchase
I bought the Freeride bushings. As the other review said it's nice to have all the different duros. I'm 145lb and ride purple boardside and yellow roadside, with the narrow towards the hanger for freeride. That gives me nice carves and easy kickout. For downhill I go thicc side towards hanger, two yellows up front and purple and green in back for stability. Super versatile bushings. Definitely recomend!
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Never Settle For Stock Bushings
on 2015-09-12 Verified Purchase
These bushings are the best you can have and you can really customize your setup with all the different duros. Don't be disappointed if they feel a little unresponsive the first week or two, they just have to be broken in like any other bushing.