Ronin Tall Barrel Longboard Skateboard Bushings Pack

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  • Quantity: 2 bushings per pack
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Ronin's Tall Barrel Bushing Pack consists of Two (2) .750 Barrel bushings, which are great for doing either downhill or freeride because they will give you a nice stable center point, but still allow you to have a nice amount of turn. Due to the extra urethane depth, they have further to compress before "bottoming-out," so you'll get more lean out of these bushings. We typically like running slightly harder bushings that normal when using Tall Barrels to compensate for the extra lean.

We recommend using the same bushing setup in the front and back for freeriding, and then using a slightly harder durometer in the back for more grip and even more stability when downhilling.

Height: ~20.10mm
Outer Diameter: ~24.90mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.48mm

Ronin's Description

Ronin "Beverage Series" Bushings are made of a different high rebound urethane formula, with a touch less rebound than our old bushings. The slower kick makes them more predictable, while still being responsive and having a great centerpoint whether you're doing 80.8 mph, or freeriding around the neighborhood. They are .750" tall and provide Ronin Trucks with their incredible range of articulation. Comes in a pack of 2.


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on 2019-03-03 Verified Purchase
Thanks Muir skate outstanding service
Fluid, nice amount of rebound.
on 2017-05-03 Verified Purchase
Feels nice and smooth even for tall bushings. On my cRonins they have a very unrestricted lean even when using a 95a "Ice Tea" RS and 98a "Horchata BS" (I'm 80kg / ~175lb). Very nice for my downhill setups, have never had a problem taking inside lines or even adjusting lines midway. The rebound kicks in very late in the lean, and it isn't abrupt or too forceful (coming from Venoms HPF Tall bushings, this was a relief). Definitely not going to rebound you off your line (or board), however, when I'm freeriding I *do* prefer something with more an earlier rebound and less lean, so I tend to throw in a tall riptide chubby boardside (I use 95a APS) to kill lean way earlier. Good luck dialling in your setups 👍🏼
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Bushings just what I needed
on 2016-05-13 Verified Purchase
Keeping me stable 👍
These bushings rule!!
on 2016-03-31 Verified Purchase
So the fruit punch formula that comes with the cast ronins are awesome as you may already know. However they can be a bit touchy once you get going a bit faster than you are used to. So the solution to this issue would be to up your durometer hardness in your bushing. The Ice Tea formula is the next level up at 95a and man do these things get the job done! In combination with a pair of your original fruit punch barrels boardside and the new ice tea barrels roadside; you get more stability AND more lean. It's kind of the perfect combo for lighter riders like myself. At 125lbs
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Wheel bite protection
on 2016-03-14 Verified Purchase
I was getting mad wheel bit in my ronins with the stock 92a fruit punches, which is surprising because I'm only 145lbs. But after just switching out the road side bushings with the horchatas my wheel bite stopped. So I would recommend getting a bushing duro harder than you might think on your ronins. Because I still have incredibly carvy and surfy trucks with the horchatas which are by far the hardest bushings I've ever run.
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Ronin Bushings
on 2016-02-25 Verified Purchase
I've been riding ronins going on a year next month and I decided to buy extra bushings for my new set and saw they were on sale here, still amazing quality.
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Fruit Punch and Ice Tea
on 2016-01-10 Verified Purchase
The Fruit Punch bushings come standard in Ronin cast trucks, and they felt really good right off the bat because the ronins are so stable that even though the bushings are soft, they still feel good downhill. When I started going faster on my topmount, more aggressively turning board, I got the Ice tea duro Ronins for roadside and also a set of the yellow tall Riptides to put boardside. Board feels perfect now, I absolutely love that setup. It springs back to center beautifully, is very stable, but when I want to turn, it still turns very well. I have yet to try venoms for myself, but they feel good with Riptides and I am very happy with these bushings.