Venom SHR Standard (Barrel & Cone) Longboard Skateboard Bushings Pack

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PLEASE READ: Note from Scott and Pablo: We love Venom bushings for their responsiveness and performance. In fact, we've been riding Venom since 2005. If you are purchasing Super Carve Cones and you are extremely sensitive to perfection, please be aware that we do our best to match the colors and shapes with the barrels when you order the Standard Barrel/Cone combo. Due to multi-batch manufacturing, the colors may vary in shades. Also note that 94a and 98a Cones are not pretty, but they do feel amazing. If you want perfection, order Venom.

Note: "Quantity: 1" is enough for one truck. Buy TWO (2) packs for your complete longboard! White and Grey color bushings may come with a variation in the color. White bushings are affected by light that might cause discoloration.

Double Note: Purchasing a Venom SHR Standard Bushing Pack "w/ Washers" means you're getting one large cupped washer and one small cupped washer along with your bushings.

Why must I need washers? Because the washer gives the bushing some support. If you were to run flat washers all around (or no washers) then the bushing wouldn't be bouncing back as much as you would hope. A cup on the bottom allows for a nice rebound, while a cup on top allows for a nice controlled lean.

We want to help you choose your bushing for your body weight! So here's a mini cheat sheet to get you started:
50-100 lbs: 73-80a
75-125 lbs: 78-82a
100-145 lbs: 80-85a
125-175 lbs: 80-87a
145-195 lbs: 82-90a
175-220 lbs: 85-93a
200-250 lbs: 90-93a
225 lbs and up: 90-98a

Venom SHR ("Super High Rebound") Standard Longboard Skateboard Bushings are used for moderate Downhill Freeride, carving and cruising. With a little more spring out out of your turns you can spend less time trying to level yourself out, and more time shredding!

Venom SHR bushings are considered the highest quality bushings by experienced downhill riders and Longboard enthusiasts. If you have not tried a Venoms on your Racing board or Cruising longboard, you have not yet felt a rebounding truck. These bushings compress and release to perfect center. Choose your durometer carefully. Don't just purchase the bushing because the color matches your skateboard. You should consider your weight and board shape carefully before ordering your bushings. Call us if you need additional assistance!


Height: ~15.53mm
Outer Diameter: ~23.47mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.34mm

Height: ~15.53mm
Outer Diameter: ~25.10mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.34mm

Venom's Description

The idea behind the standard pack is “Best of both worlds”. The barrel on the bottom to give you solid stability, and the cone on top to deliver ridiculous turn. This combo is often used by people who want to ride a juicy setup, but sometimes encounter the odd massive hill. Barrels: .6″ tall x .97″ wide Cones: .6″ tall x .93″/.65″ wide

Super High Rebound (SHR): We started working on SHR in March of 2009. There seemed to be a demand for an insanely high rebound bushing, but there just didn't seem to be any good ones on the horizon. The problem was, the other super springy bushings on the market were only super springy. No damping. Cars have springs AND shocks for a reason! All the rebound with no control has a great effect on stability and adjust-ability. If you try to tighten your trucks with no damping, a lot of the time the bushing just squishes, and you get no more tension.


Nice Ride
on 2021-01-24 Verified Purchase
Well made good ride
Allot more freedom than a barrel bushing.
on 2020-06-03 Verified Purchase
My Caliber 2s came with a plug bushing on the bottom with a 89 duro and they felt stiff and hard to turn (i am 120 lbs) so switching to 83's without the plug made my board turn and carve like a dream while still having good return to center. I highly recommend getting after market bushings especially these ones for cruising around after this experience.
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on 2019-03-10 Verified Purchase
Amazing rebound, super sturdy and steady. Some of my favorite bushings.
Good product and super easy to deal with
on 2018-09-19 Verified Purchase
Bushings were as expected. Order delivered fast, and included some free stickers. These guys rock!
Great Bushings with Good Rebound!
on 2016-08-23 Verified Purchase
These are the first bushings I've ever bought and are much better than my stock bushings. They have a nice rebound to center and also carve pretty good! I got the green 80a standard SHR pack. For reference, I weigh about 130-135lbs. I also bought the cupped washers that are offered with the bushings.I first installed them in a walmart Made in Mars longboard since the stock bushings didn't really let me perform turns tight turns on sidewalks and I would end up going off the sidewalk. With these bushings, I was able to perform better turns and enjoyed the rebound of the bushings compared to the hard stock bushings. After the walmart board, I got myself the Sector 9 Faultline complete that came with Gullwing Charger 2 trucks. The blue stock bushings that came on the Charger 2 trucks didn't really have good rebound like these Venom SHR bushings. I put the Venom bushings in my Faultline and it rides much better. It brings the board to life. Whenever I ride a longboard without these high rebound bushings, it just feels sluggish and I sometimes almost fall off since I have been accustomed to the snap to center aspect of the SHR bushings. I've done about 22mph on these bushings. Haven't gotten to higher speeds due to the lack of hills in South Florida but I highly recommend these bushings and I plan to buy another set of Standard SHR bushings. With a second set, I can then experiment having double cones on my trucks!
on 2016-08-18 Verified Purchase
Great quality! These bushings were the perfect durometer for my weight.
Nice Upgrade After Stock Bushings Go Out
on 2016-07-25 Verified Purchase
Nothing amazing, just upgraded after my stock ones started wearing out. Solid product.
on 2015-10-03 Verified Purchase
Solid product. Can definitely feel a difference from the factory bushings on my arbor. Good buy
Good Rebound
on 2015-03-14 Verified Purchase
The rebound on these bushings is fantastic. I mixed some of my old miscellaneous bushings with some 86a's to get a responsive cruiser out of an older board. I recommend these for anyone that wants a quicker feel on a smooth cruising or carving board.