Venom HPF **TALL DOUBLE BARREL** Longboard Skateboard Bushings Pack

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$12.00 USD

NOTE: White and Grey color bushings may come with a variation in the color. White bushings are affected by light that might cause discoloration.

High Performance Formula Bushings

Two bushings per pack.
Quantity '1' = 2 bushings; enough for one truck.
Buy quantity '2' for your whole board!

Height: ~18.95mm
Outer Diameter: ~24.90mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.15mm

Venom's Description

Yet, another addition to the Venom family, this taller Venom barrel bushing has been designed to fit Rogue and Ronin trucks. Try them out and enjoy!


Gotta break them in, but already nice to replace old ones
on 2021-10-06 Verified Purchase
I had ones that were like 6 years old so I replaced them; same orange tall for orange tall. Still feeling nearly the same as it was when I first got them a while ago.
will work on gullwing 2 trucks with mods
on 2021-08-23 Verified Purchase
If using on gull wings, you will need to grind them down to size since these are too long. If your going downhill, these are a must,
Gotta love Talls!
on 2021-01-05 Verified Purchase
Tall barrels are *very* different from normal barrels. They have a much wider range of motion, and felt kind of twitchy when I first got them. I got 87/85a to replace the 78/81a Talls on my smokies and they feel great!
on 2020-07-04 Verified Purchase
Fantastic bushings. Worked great on my arsenal trucks. Love the lean they have with fantastic return. Couldnt be happier.
These look great and perform excellent!
on 2020-06-08 Verified Purchase
Threw them on the board and they were perfect. Excellent quality, and the washers were perfectly matched. I was only able to use the one cupped washer though, not enough space for the truck side one on top and bottom.
Tall bushings
on 2020-03-18 Verified Purchase
These will go nicely with a pair of longboard trucks I'll be getting.
Greg Wolcott
on 2018-08-16 Verified Purchase
You can’t go wrong with Venom Bushings.
on 2017-01-09 Verified Purchase
Put these on my Ronins. They fit well aside from being snug on the kingpin. Still ride just fine!
Favourite Bushings (93a)
on 2016-12-24
These bushings are great. they feel bouncy and consistent even though i ride my trucks super tight.
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on 2016-12-12 Verified Purchase
Can't go wrong with venom
on 2016-08-29 Verified Purchase
Put these in my Rogue's and they feel awesome paired with the 90a insert and 93a boardside. get them.
Smooth Rebound
on 2016-08-08 Verified Purchase
Got a chance to test them on Central Mass and they're the best that I've tried for my weight and style
great bushings
on 2016-05-13 Verified Purchase
They have a nice rebound, and it rebounds more the more you compress them. Talls give you a lot of lean, which is great for turns and slides
Normal img 20160610 000839
Epic dh bushings!!
on 2016-04-10 Verified Purchase
Very rad for getting dialed in for a down hill adventure.
on 2015-08-28 Verified Purchase
So happy you guys had the 95a talls. Feel so good in my Rogues.