Bones Hardcore WHITE STREET Bushings

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Bones Bushing Hardcore skateboard bushings are used for street, slide, pool, and some longboard skateboards. The bushings are made of high rebound urethane for perfect bounce back every time. They fit perfectly in Independent skateboard truck and many more well know skate trucks.

The rebound in this bushing is insane. Your trucks come back to center every time. At high speeds in a bowl there are no control issues to speak of. Skaters all over the world know that Bones bushings are the dominant street skate bushing.

If you are looking for bushings for your longboard skateboard, you want to look at Venom or Khiro longboard skateboard bushings. For Independent 215mm skateboard trucks you can us a Venom or Khiro barrel and a small Bones Bushing Hardcore top. This is our desired setup with Independent 215mm Skateboard trucks.

Longboard Skateboards that require 169mm or 149mm trucks work best with the standard pack of Bones Bushing Hardcore #2. Barrels are not necessary.

Bones's Description

Bones Bushing Hardcore now come 2 sets in a box. This is enough to complete 2 trucks.

The Soft are VERY soft, ringing in at 81a.
The Mediums are right at the midline at 91a.
The Hards are a stiff 96a.


on 2020-09-04 Verified Purchase
Great product.
on 2020-07-02 Verified Purchase
I am giving five stars not for the product itself necessarily, but for the customer service, which deserves ten stars. Scott went out of his way to help us choose the skateboard for our kid and the necessary parts. I have no reason to do business with any other shop in San Diego.
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The description is right
on 2020-06-17 Verified Purchase
The Hards are stiff. They're probably a good option for people looking to upgrade their TKP bushings to better handle high speed, but for street and park skating they are too stiff to lock into grinds. I use Independent 159's on my 8.75" Anti-Hero deck. I only bought the Hards because someone once told me that the Hards are the only ones worth buying and that they felt soft. That was wrong. My mistake. Regardless, they seem to have good rebound, so I would like to put them on wider trucks like 169's or 215's with wide longboard wheels so I can get the right leverage over them to get good carves. Also, they seem to make an awful clicking sound when I compress them with my hand, but I can't identify where it is coming from. When I'm actually riding, my setup seems much squeakier since applying these. Perhaps I haven't broken them in enough. I'll leave 4 stars because even though my experience was 2/5 stars, part of that was due to me being ignorant and not picking the right duro for my application.
Awesome Bushings
on 2015-08-30 Verified Purchase
These bushings paired with Venom DH barrels make my mini cruiser a dream to ride