Venom HPF Freeride (Barrical) "Mini Sack" Longboard Skateboard Bushings with Washers

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Each Venom Freeride Barrical Bushing Kit includes:

6 Assorted HPF Barrical Bushings
4 Large Cup Washers
2 Flat Washers
1 Sticker with Power Control

Why must I need washers? Because the washer gives the bushing some support. If you were to run flat washers all around (or no washers) then the bushing wouldn't be bouncing back as much as you would hope. A cup on the bottom allows for a nice rebound, while a flat on top allows for a nice lean.

The appropriate weight range for each bushing listed below is only a suggestion, because everyone has a different riding style and taste in what's "good" or "bad". And with this, we're also assuming you're going to want to be doing some all around riding from the streets downtown to the hills in the 'burbs.
50-100 lbs: 73-80a
75-125 lbs: 78-82a
100-145 lbs: 80-85a
125-175 lbs: 80-87a
145-195 lbs: 82-90a
175-220 lbs: 85-93a
200-250 lbs: 90-93a
225 lbs and up: 90-97a

Venom's High Performance Formula Freeride (Barrical) Bushings are designed for... Well... FREERIDE! The tapered barrel/conical ("barrical") shape of the Venom Freeride bushing lends some interesting and freeride appropriate properties to your existing truck setup. The wider side of the bushing fits against your hanger for a solid base and predictable performance, while the slimmer end fits against either the baseplate or kingpin nut and allows you to achieve enough leverage to engage your slides with ease.

Venom's Description

More stable than a barrel and less restrictive than an Eliminator, the Venom freeride bushing has a wide, stepped design that can be flipped for different turning response. For extra stability and a more defined center, put the wide end toward the hangar. For deep turning and juicy rebound, run the narrower end in the hangar. Either way, it's ideal for going fast and doing big slides. MADE IN THE USA


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