Venom SHR Double Barrel "Mini Sack" Longboard Skateboard Bushings with Washers

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Each Venom SHR Double Barrel Bushing Kit includes:

6 Assorted Double Barrel Bushings
4 Large Cup Washers
2 Flat Washers
1 Sticker with Power Control

Why must I need washers? Because the washer gives the bushing some support. If you were to run flat washers all around (or no washers) then the bushing wouldn't be bouncing back as much as you would hope. Small cups all around allow for a controlled and progressive lean.

We want to help you choose your bushing for your body weight! So here's a mini cheat sheet to get you started:
50-100 lbs: 73-80a
75-125 lbs: 78-82a
100-145 lbs: 80-85a
125-175 lbs: 80-87a
145-195 lbs: 82-90a
175-220 lbs: 85-93a
200-250 lbs: 90-93a
225 lbs and up: 90-97a

Venom SHR Double Barrel Bushings are used for carving and freeriding due to their high rebound formula. If your intent is downhill you should consider Venom Barricals Bushings or Venom DH Bushings.

Venom bushings are considered the highest quality bushings by experienced downhill riders and Longboard enthusiasts. If you have not tried a Venoms on your Racing board or Cruising longboard, you have not yet felt a rebounding truck. These bushings compress and release to perfect center. Choose your durometer carefully. Don't just purchase the bushing because the color matches your skateboard. You should consider your weight and board shape carefully before ordering your bushings. Call us if you need additional assistance.

Height: ~15.53mm
Outer Diameter: ~25.10mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.34mm

Venom's Description

Plain and simple, the Downhill Pack is built for speed. Double barrels, teamed with cup washers can give your setup that fully locked in feel that gives you the confidence you need to grab some serious velocity. Barrels: .6″ tall x .97″ wide

Super High Rebound (SHR): We started working on SHR in March of 2009. There seemed to be a demand for an insanely high rebound bushing, but there just didn't seem to be any good ones on the horizon. The problem was, the other super springy bushings on the market were only super springy. No damping. Cars have springs AND shocks for a reason! All the rebound with no control has a great effect on stability and adjust-ability. If you try to tighten your trucks with no damping, a lot of the time the bushing just squishes, and you get no more tension.


Normal dscf3219
Bought the medium pack.. I'm 140lbs
on 2017-10-14 Verified Purchase
I bought these and planned to go 91 boardside and 86 streetside, but man these are softer than rated, I swear. I've only ever ridden stock bushings up until now but I know Paris comes with 90a stock divine bushings, riding paris 50's with those on my Loaded tesseract, and 70mm wheels, I never had a problem with wheel bite and I ride mine loosey goosey. With the combo I had on this, if I didn't tighten down my trucks I was getting wheel bite on static and a fast push. Would recommend aiming higher than what you were thinking. Did not see this coming and now I have 20 dollars in bushings I'm not using.
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'Venom SHR Double Barrel "Mini Sack" Longboard Skateboard Bushings with Washers'
on 2017-03-17 Verified Purchase
these bushing work great in my atlas trucks they are a squeaky as all hell though but they preform flawlessly.