RipTide APS Barrel + Washers Longboard Skateboard Bushings Pack

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$8.00 USD

Quantity 1 = 2 bushings which is enough for 1 truck. Order quantity 2 for a complete longboard.

RipTide Bushings offer two unique varieties of urethane:
The APS (Animated Polymer Systems) and the WFB (World's Fastest Bushings)

The APS compound offers a very linear turn (keeps the bushings predictable all the way to the end) along with a solid level of rebound to get your trucks back to center after a quick turn.

The straight-walled shape of the RipTide Barrel Bushings offers a stable platform and slightly higher rebound than the Cones, making the RipTide Barrels a great choice for higher speed freeriding as well as faster downhill purposes.

If you combine the RipTide Barrel Bushings with a set of the RipTide Cones bushings, you've got yourself a great combo for aggressive carves and low to mid-speed freeriding, too!

These bushings are .60" tall, which makes them a great fit for reverse kingpin trucks (more specifically reverse kingpin *cast* trucks) like Randals, Calibers, Paris, Bear Grizzly 852, Chargers and others.

RipTide's Description

Lively and responsive, high-performance urethane with just the right amount of rebound. Very linear in response so you can control the bushing instead of the other way around.

The Formula: APS (Animated Polymer System)
As the name implies, this compound is very lively and offers high rebound with lots of control and lean. For the same durometer, the APS will turn 10% to 15% more than the same durometer of other brands. In addition, the APS does not change much when you tighten the kingpin nut past snug. We recommend tightening to the point where is difficult to turn the bushing in the bushing seat by hand. Use a flat washer for lower resistance and a cupped washer for higher resistance.


Very lively
on 2019-03-11 Verified Purchase
These are amazing. Very lively compared to venoms. they arnt kidding when they say go a couple duros higher than other brands though. if you are used to venoms than make the next duro jump up. these can turn more and better. as example instead of a 93 venom id ride the 95 riptide to feel the same level of control but the riptide has a more flowy and deeper turn. they can make a very restrictive truck feel very turny..
Normal img 4649
on 2016-10-24 Verified Purchase
They're reasonably priced and make downhill/freeride tons of fun. Super linear turns and great center-point. 5/5!