RAD Drive "Full Spacer" Built-In longboard Skateboard Bearings

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  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Spacers: Built-in
  • Construction: Steel
  • Rating: ABEC 7
$17.95 USD

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The new RAD Drive bearings have a new "Full Spacer" design! The Drive bearings features a single 10mm built in spacer. This will provide a better fit reducing chatter and create a tight fit between the wheels and trucks. The bearings also have seals that keep the dirt out of your bearings so they last longer. Grab a set, go fast, get RAD!

RAD's Description

The RAD Drive Bearings provide everything you need to get the most speed and precision out of your setup. All 8 bearings have a removable outer shield to keep dirt away, with an opening inner shield for increased roll speed and easy cleaning. Four of the bearings have a 10mm spacer built in to reduce chatter and create a solid connection between the wheel and the truck. Gear up, Get RAD.


Sturdy, quality
on 2020-05-08
Great price for the quality. Nice shields, smooth spin and no messing around with separate spacers.
they still work
on 2019-12-07 Verified Purchase
so they act differently then my other bearings. When I tighten them as tight as it goes to the trucks they have a very small give to them, but with that they feel faster from less friction. I don't notice any vibration but, I haven't gone 40+ MPH on them
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Very Smooth, Lubricant Collects Dirt/Grime
on 2016-05-06 Verified Purchase
I've had a set of RAD Drive bearings for about a month now and they ride very smooth and have reduced much of the chatter I faced from my loose bearing spacers before, but the lubricant they came with has collected a decent amount of grime. I ride RAD Jimmy Riha Influence wheels and the bearings fit perfectly. Fairly well-priced, you won't be disappointed.