Zealous Ceramic Built-In Bearings

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  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Spacers: Built-In!
  • Construction: Ceramic
  • Abec Rating: Not Rated
$29.95 $26.96 Sale! USD
1 Quantity = 8 Bearings, enough for a complete longboard.

Zealous Bearings have been some of the most popular bearing in the last few years. High quality bearings with built-in spacers and double rubber seals; what more could you ask for?

Well, what about ceramics?

Zealous now offers ceramic bearings for your speed and racing needs!

Lighter, stronger, and smoother than metal ball bearings, they're are also very corrosive resistant.

We love zealous bearings because they are high quality bearing that won't break the bank, and will keep you riding longer and faster.

Throw on a set of Zealous Ceramic bearings on your setup and you'll see what we're talking about!

Zealous's Description

Ceramic Balls
-Ceramic balls are lighter, stiffer, smoother and naturally corrosion resistant. This means we can use a lower viscosity lubricant which makes them fast right out of the tube.
Precision 8mm axle holes
.4045″ built in spacers
.5mm built in speedrings
Strengthened Nylon Ball Retainers
White rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing.
Lubed with Custom Nanoceramic Grease
-The unique feature of our lubricant is how the nanoceramic compound fills in deformations or asperities in the bearing. These deformations cause friction and heat around them which hardens the nano-ceramic compound to that specific area. This micro coating is 5 times the hardness of the host alloy and has a molecular bond with the host metal, filling in all the asperities and eliminating friction over time.
-The coefficient of friction is the lowest in the field of Tribology at 0.003% creating a near frictionless surface. Mainly because the nanoceramic compound eliminates all asperities.
-Corrosion on the inside of the bearing is nearly eliminated.
Sold in sets of 8 bearings.


Break them in first
on 2018-08-07
These bearings are fast and great but DON'T race them out of the tube, these need several really good break-in runs because that grease it thicc. if you need to use a bearing fresh out of the package for a race i recommend looking to other bearings, but that being said, these will outlast the majority of other ceramics on the market, and once some of the excess grease is spun out, these things are monstrous!
on 2018-08-06 Verified Purchase
They are cheap and the best bearings you can get
Fast and leaky?
on 2018-03-12 Verified Purchase
I think the must submerge these in lube, they come out of the tube sticky and gross like a newborn, leak like babies cry and shit, and take a while to get to their full potential.
on 2018-01-22 Verified Purchase
I switch to Zealous ceramic bearings for a try on my Penny Board surprisingly it roll smoother and longer than the Penny ABEC 7. You won't regret after you try these bearings. The only thing bad is the lubricant overflow out and I have to wipe it clean after each ride.
Normal cute
on 2018-01-11 Verified Purchase
These guys are long lasting, and have built in spacers. Plus, they're ceramic. While they aren't particularly faster than Zealous Greens, they're most definitely more durable, and fast af nonetheless. You can't go wrong with these!
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Love them
on 2017-11-13
They are the best bearings. Cheap Ceramics with built-in spacers. I never have to worry about water. A warning though. Mine where super loobed when I received them, and dirt stuck to the extra loob that dripped onto my wheel.
Normal skateandexplore planet2
With every push you make.
on 2017-03-25 Verified Purchase
You're going to enjoy it. I'm heavier and threw these on my tugboat. Yeah you heard it. I love the thing and it gets all kinds of love. Anyways. I wanted to try these for a long while. I have two other setups with the original Zealous Bearings and those are nice. These seem faster and have longer roll speed than the others. One push gives me decent length before I have to push again. I recommend these bushings above everything else that I've tried
Better than Reds
on 2017-02-23 Verified Purchase
I've used Reds before and they're good but they're a pain to install and require a lot of keep up to keep them working. These bearings are smoother, quieter, faster, cheeper, less maintenance, and easier to install. I've had them for almost a year and haven't cleaned them yet, it almost feels like they get better the more use they get. If your blowing through Reds like I used too switch to Zealous.
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Cheaper, Faster, Simpler, Better
on 2016-09-25 Verified Purchase
Bought these to replace my bustin bearings after I rusted them out. These are so much better after breaking them in they're still quiet and so much faster than my old ones. Installing them is zero hassle because everything is built in. If you're looking for new bearings I highly recommend them, they are worth the money.
Like Butter
on 2016-07-25 Verified Purchase
Between my large soft wheels and these bearings you can't even hear my board coming unless the road is rough. I feel like they're noticeably smoother than the steel Zealous bearings, which I was already in love with. Can't attest to any differences in what they feel like at high speeds, but I have high hopes now.
on 2016-07-02 Verified Purchase
Did the job well!
Good so far.
on 2016-06-02 Verified Purchase
Hard to tell if they are significantly faster than the normal zealous, but I am going fast on them and they are very smooth. Zealous is the best bearing.