Seismic 8mm Built-In Tekton 7-Ball LITE "Performance Skateboard Bearing System" Bearings

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  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Spacers: Built-in
  • Construction: Steel
  • Rating: ABEC 7
$18.00 USD

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Seismic has designed a streamlined, more affordable version of the original Tekton 7-Ball design. The integrated spacer in the Tekton LITE Bearings is self-aligning, therefore making sure that you get a proper spin without having to worry about how precise your bearing seats or axles are. The Tekton Bearing is designed to correct small (but substantial) flaws in your axles and bearing seats to allow your wheels to spin faster and maintain more of their intended characteristics. The widened lip at the connection point between the bearings is the key to this design. By having a larger and more precise contact patch between the two bearings, you can be sure your wheels are performing to their full potential.

Seismic's Description

A streamlined, more affordable version of the original Tekton 7-Ball design.

Seismic® Tekton LITE bearings feature flat contact surfaces at the ends of integrated half-spacers. The flanges square up, co-align and self-stabilize inside your wheels – correcting for flaws in bearing seat levelness, bearing seat spacing, axle diameter and axle straightness. Your wheels roll faster with better control, while the bearings last longer and stay quieter.

Other features include: top-grade P4 steel balls, nylon retainers, black outer casing, removable rubber-coated steel seals with printed graphic, and high-end Japanese Kyodo grease. Construction meets or exceeds requirements for ABEC-7 rating.

The inner race is stepped underneath the seal to resist contamination, and it’s stepped between the bearing and the flange to save weight. On the side opposite the flange, the inner race extends 0.5mm to form a thin integrated washer. No bearing spacers or axle washers required!


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